The 1972 Project: USF Bulls

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Quick turnaround but I have a busy few days coming up. 




N4f52ub.png 82Jcj2s.png

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The list randomizer I used really loved the ACC. Also Florida State has a damn near perfect look so much work wasn't necessary. They are also a member of the N7 program so that now is applied to the four sports. 


Football - So literally, there was not much that changes. the Seminoles finally make the jump to the Vapor Untouchable template, though now they might skip it entirely in favor of the Vapor Fusion. The helmet remains untouched. Jerseys remain pretty much untouched. I dropped the pattern for the collar in favor of contrasting color. It cleans up the jersey a lot IMO. I know the numbers are going to change to white on the garnet jerseys next season, which does come from some historical precedent. However, IMO it doesn't work with these jerseys so the numbers stay gold outlined in white. Pants see the most change, I brought back the feather from the 2009 Pro Combat uniforms to the pants, moving the primary logo to the front of the pants. You'll notice over the white/white set, is the N7 helmet, which I think how I'm going to proceed with the rest of the football N7 schools. You'll also notice the reworked black alternate jersey. I actually really love the IRL uniforms but I really do think they can be reworked a touch. I dropped the gradient from the helmet, changed the facemask color. I also just did minor tweaks to balance the colors on the uniforms better. 


Hockey - The pattern hits the ice. Pattern on the hem and the sleeves, Chief logo on the front of the home and away jerseys. Interlocked FSU on the shoulders, above the TV numbers. Gold helmets, with the spear logos. Garnet pants with the feather down the side, socks with the pattern stripe. Two, technically, alternate jerseys. First off, an all black set that sees the FSU logo on the chest and the Chief logo on the shoulders. So unlike SDSU, who didn't get an alternate jersey with their uniform sets, FSU in this case did. So instead of a whole set based off the N7 look, I just did jersey and socks in this case, which for design purposes sees the black replaced with turquoise. 


Baseball - Much like football, baseball does have a classic look that really doesn't need to change but does in a few places. Hat stays basically the same with the baseball FS on the front. Helmet looks like a football helmet with the big spear on the side. Jerseys now have the pattern on the sleeves in a bigger way than one would normally expect on a baseball jersey. Baseball script on the front of pretty much every jersey here. Name and number on the back. Pants have the feather like everyone else. Black alternate, N7 alternate like the rest. 


Basketball - I think basketball changed the least. The feather down the side remains as close to the same as I could get it. I added the pattern stripe to the hem and to the shoulders so it was represented on the jerseys. Added SEMINOLES to the home whites, left the stacked Florida State on the home and black alternate. 


C&C welcome!


On 9/12/2019 at 1:43 PM, BellaSpurs said:

Kent State looks fantastic! I love the colors and the use of the bolt. Although I’m interested in seeing what it would look like on the pants if it came out of the hip rather than the leg, if that makes sense. I would also shrink the shoulder flashes on the football uniform, just a tad so they don’t get cut off by the actual jersey. But otherwise I love it! Basketball in particular looks great, great use of the flashes!


I can shrink the shoulder flashes, but the pants kinda are how they are. With the way the flash tail curves, its hard to get it to look good coming off the hip. 

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Onto the second best of the Directional Florida schools. I don't think they've had a stint with Nike, but previous work by Adidas and UA would make it pretty easy for a jump to the Swoosh


Football - Like I mentioned above, there's a good, now pretty well established look that works well. No more chrome domes, matte green and gold with the horned U logo on both sides. On the jerseys, a quasi-Northwestern stripe is functioned into a stripe that terminates in the horn of the logo on the back of the stripe. On the chest, USF logo, number font matches the logo in outlines. Pants have the simplified stripe. There would be a white pants option, for that, it'll be on the Uni Picker site.  Alternate jerseys reflects the SoFLo look brought on by UA and reworked by Adidas. I kept it on a black uniform because it looked the best. Matte black helmet with an accompanying stripe with the gradient. Logo features the same treatment which works its way down the jersey in several ways. 


Hockey - The Ice Bulls have a good look on the ice, a bit simple but nevertheless good. I again sought to improve it. Sleeves get the horn stripe, which necessitated the numbers being on the shoulder instead of the sleeve because it works on the front of the jersey but not on the back. U logo on the chest above the NW stripe. Socks and pants have the same stripe. Green helmets for both home and away. SoFlo alternates as well with all the bells and whistles. 


Baseball - To the diamond, a lot of the same. Green hats and helmets, gold brim, Horned logo on the front of both. On the home whites, script Bulls logo, number underneath it. Bull Stripes on the sleeves. USF logo on the back up near the collar. On the road greens, USF on the chest, number underneath it. Pants have the simple NW stripe. SoFlo blackout alternates like the rest of the family. 


Basketball - Basketball's uniforms got a much needed redesign. The Adidas uniforms are full of patterns and just don't look good to me. So these get a much needed simplification, not much designed on the tops. USF above the numbers on the chests, NW stripe down the side. I didn't feel as though they needed anything else. Shorts are equally as simple, with the Horn stripe on the bottom hem of the shorts, Bull Logo on the waistband. And where it all started, the SoFlo alternates. I wanted to do the board shorts look like UA had done, but with the stripe where it is, it just didn't work. 


C&C welcome!

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