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VB Dolphins Concept


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Hello! I have a concept for y'all to look at!

So in Virginia Beach, we have dolphin statues around the town.  It's a lot like the neighboring city Norfolk, which has mermiad statues around that town.  Here's an example:


Also, we're supposed to be getting an NBA-sized arena at some point, which was originally going to be used for the Knigs, but they stayed.  I created an idea for an expansion team called the Virginia Beach Dolphins, which is inspired by the dolphins around town.  Here's my primary logo:


The secondary logo will come in a later post.  The colors are what I call "Virginia Blue" and "Kelp Green."

C+C appreciated!

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20 minutes ago, Luingus221 said:

Alright, going off of @C-Squared's idea, I decided to make the V look like a dolphin.  I didn't add the dorsal fin (the top fin) due to the fact that it looked unneccessary.

Here it is!


C+C apreciated!

The letters are a little rough but that's nothing you can't fix with time. The dolphin doesn't really look like a dolphin though

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Alright, V. 3.0 "The Smoothening" (idk, just trying to be funny) has been launched.  Dolphin fin, dolphin smile, and smoothed out vertices have been added.  Still no dorsal fin, but it should be a little bit cleaner.  I also looked at a dolphin this time around because I wanted to make sure it looked like a dolphin.  I also came up with an idea for a mascot name: Derrick the Dolphin.

Anyway, I plan on making a series on "The Future of the NBA" or something like that.  No playoffs, games, or even the NBA Finals, cause we all know that it's gonna be the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers for the next gazillion years (that's a joke by the way.)  This concept is just a starting point for another post on the "Sports Fan Fiction" thread.


C+C apreaciated!

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