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ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)


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With the first regular season of Adidas' reign as the NHL's jersey supplier wrapping up, I've decided, once again, to give each team brand new uniforms. These aren't my ideal takes, but rather something new for each team.


We'll start off with a classic team whose look isn't going to change in real life any time soon, the Detroit Red Wings.




For years, the Wings have employed a very simple striping pattern, which totally works for them.  However, they used to wear numerous complex patterns, which suits their logo well. I was inspired by their Falcons uniforms, but made the pattern a little more uniform, and employed it to the home jerseys like they use them now. For the away jerseys, I kept the red upper arm fill to preserve some of their current look. I also tried to improve on their current collar treatment by adding a white outline on the away jersey.


What do you think? C&C Appreciated!


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You wouldn't need to twist Adidas' arm to approve this concept! I like the simple update and, although not mentioned in your description, how the striping mimics the winged-wheel tire tracks.


I think this set would be extra popular around Christmas!



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Thanks for the positive feedback.


Even though the Wings concept was positively received, it wasn't exactly the tone I wanted to project for this series. So, I decided to post one of my more out-of-the-box concepts today- my redesigned San Jose Sharks.




I decided to go with a faux-gradient over a full-length yoke, transitioning from white to teal to black, evoking the depths of an ocean. The black at the ends of the sleeves would continue onto black gloves. For both jerseys, I kept the shoulder yoke white, and decided to experiment with a white collar with a black outline. I left a thick white stripe on the home jersey's hem, white for the away, and used that as the sock pattern, keeping the focus squarely on the arm design and their secondary logo I used as a crest.


What do you think? C&C Appreciated!

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As a sharks fan, I actually don't see very many unique concepts, usually just modern/retro stuff. I like this idea, and would probably even buy a jersey of it, I don't see it working well in modern NHL. Cant see to see the rest 

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I have to respectfully disagree with the above two commenters. I love it! It's creative, it's ombré which is totally a California thing, and it's not garish in my opinion. I grew up a diehard sharks fan living just south of San Jose, and I think that these would have some play. Good work! 

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On to the next! Here is my take on the New York Islanders.




As much as the Islanders jerseys are classic, I wanted to create a design that matches their logo. I took advantage of Adidas's curved hem stripes, but I mirrored the curve on the shoulder yoke, which is much more pronounced on the back. For the home jersey, I tweaked their Cup-winning pattern to match the double outline on the logo. This season, the Islanders reintroduced the blue outline on their road crest, so to match, I kept the hems and yokes coloured blue, but added the extra outline. New York's home jersey's collar is one of the worst offenders in the NHL this year, so I tried to add more contrast.


What do you think? C&C Appreciated!

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Thanks! Comments are still appreciated on the Islanders. Next up: the Philadelphia Flyers.


I tried something different for Philadelphia. I kept the idea of their full length yoke, but cut it short three quarters down the arm while adding some more black. I paired them with matching side panels. I also matched the numbers to the logo, and kept the name bar white on the away jersey.


What do you think? C&C Appreciated!

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The Flyers look so much better with matching nameplates. I do like the white nameplates on the orange jerseys since there was some historical basis for that but I dislike the fact that they continue to use black nameplates on the white jerseys for no good reason whatsoever other than just to be different.

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Next up: the Dallas Stars.




I based the striping off this year's league-wide St Patrick's Day template. I separated green and black blocking on the sleeves with a grey stripe, which repeats on the hem. I used double-outlined numbers based on their primary logo. On the shoulders, I promoted their Texas patch to secondary over their roundel.


What do you think? C&C Appreciated!


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Detroit: The striping kinda/sorta reminds me of old tire tread marks which fits nicely!

San Jose: Very different and I like the symbolism for the depths of the ocean. I'm wondering if it would look better if the full sleeve had the faux-gradient, especially on the white jersey.

New York I: The curved striping really does fit well to match the logo's curvature. The only thing I can see that would be an issue is the nameplate crossing over the striping on the back.

Philadelphia: I like it! Different for them but still seems to fit well. The numbers on white: the orange and black seem to meld together, maybe adding a white space between the orange outline and black number would look better?

Carolina: Definitely looks better with the flag pattern - hard to exclude something that is so unique to the team. Still your idea for the Islanders has me wondering if there's a way to incorporate some of the logo pattern into the striping for the hurricanes. The team name is a natural disaster after all, regular striping patterns for them don't seem to do it justice.

Dallas: This one seems a little flat to me. Is it bad? No, but it is exciting? No.  What's unique to the Stars in that design?


Keep it up!

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