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Welcome to the 90's


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10 hours ago, Survival79 said:


I loved everything about this set of logos and uniforms. Seriously.


I was just in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and sought out a Vancouver Grizzlies T-shirt both as a souvenir and for nostalgia's sake. There were hockey and baseball jerseys with Grizzlies logos on sale in an airport gift shop. So much awesomeness.

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2 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:


Basketball Sentai Warrioranger, sanjou!


This is what the Warriors wore when I first got into basketball, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.

Same. RIP Thunder.

Those were some terrible teams with terrible ownership, but at least they toned down the lightning bolt motif as time marched.


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41 minutes ago, RyanB06 said:

Nor women's college basketball:




(EDIT: I spent post 2,800 on the Tennessee Lady Volunteers. I shall watch the 1995 Women's Final Four title game as penance.)

You would have thought that after these humdingers the year before, there was nowhere to go but up...but wow, you'd be wrong.


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