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Welcome to the 90's


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Lots of good stuff in this thread.  The problem is, that nobody can top post #3.  For some reason, I view that Villanova basketball uniform as the quintessential 1990s experiment.  

  • Brand new extra color
  • Asymmetrical shorts
  • Very carefully-drawn sloppy-looking wordmark
  • Rigid zig-zaggy patterns
  • Wordmark over ferocious animal.
  • Even the Apex logo...Apex was the master of the 1990s.


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11 hours ago, whitedawg22 said:

I always thought this uniform was overdesigned and underdesigned at the same time. There's a ton going on, but it's a compilation of generic-looking fonts and shapes.


Those jerseys look like every time I forget to convert text to shapes in Illustrator & the font defaults to Arial.

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On 3/25/2018 at 12:19 PM, neo_prankster said:

Case in point, the Dayton Ice Bandits and Mohawk Valley Prowlers had the same logo...


Well, they were the same franchise.

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The earliest rumblings of the neo-retro movement in baseball also happened in the 1990s. Take the Giants, who adjusted their cap and wordmark logos to "update" their 1947-1976 wordmarks and cap logo:




Compare that to their bulbous 1983-93 look, as seen in this late 1993 image (a fun case of branding overlap):




The White Sox started this push towards neo-retro designs in the 1990's (after being part of the "1987" wave):


153329-9885161Fr.jpg bd8e35e67ee26995f5a4eae1d98303eb.jpg 


Many others following suit. The Phillies created an odd modernization of their "Whiz Kids" design, the Expos redid their uniforms in a traditional style, the Cardinals eschewed uniform stripes and added a road cap, the Reds revived vests and pinstripes, Cleveland brought back the 1940s-'50s scripts in an "uncanny valley" fashion, and the Angels revived their 1960s aesthetic for a brief period.


03230920ic20schilling205-450x270.jpg CiHg19nWsAIODOt.jpg:largeaabc036.jpg




Also, the 1993 teams both came out with modern spins on "traditional" (White Sox ripoff) designs.




26_27720a_lg.jpeg chris-jones-rockies.jpg 31299a_lg.jpeg


Neo-retro was an underrated part of 1990s design, one that would gain traction in the following decade.

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