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A Couple New Caps and Revised Logos for MLB Teams


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I've never been one for making concepts, but watching baseball this week I've started to get a bit bothered by some of the hats, and felt that I could revise them and make them work better. I'm not incredibly skilled in art by any stretch of the imagination, but I took a crack at a few revisions.

First up and my personal favorite of the bunch, the Miami (Florida!) Marlins. With a new ownership group taking over in Miami, and a massive fire sale of top players, I feel the Marlins need an "upgrade" of sorts. I took inspiration primarily from the old Florida Marlins uniforms and caps. The M really clicks here and works well, especially with the retro colors. wXTr5D3.png


And then on a cap.



Next up is the San Diego Padres, who have lacked a true identity for the last several years. I strongly dislike the current all white logo, as it pretty much has zero symbolism or meaning in Padres history. When making this logo I thought back to the old days of the Padres, and I combined the yellow D logo of the 90's with a yellow S logo. I know Padres fans have strong memories of the old Taco Bell color uniforms, but I've really never liked those colors. It's all a matter of preference.



I've paired it with a navy cap, but it could certainly work well with a brown hat as well.


Next up, a very minor change to the Angels. I don't know where this trend of 3D logos started, but I'm not really a fan of that trend. So, I recolored the Angels cap and also brought back the long lost yellow halo, a staple of the Angels.


Then on a cap.



I took a crack at a Washington Nationals cap, which is pretty much a carbon copy of the Expos cap. However, I updated it with Nationals colors and of course changed the logo. I just don't know what to do with the Nationals, it's such a bizarre team and such bizarre branding. The W logo while perhaps original used by the Senators leads most people to conclude the Nationals ripped off Walgreen's. I don't even know what a National really is.


I personally love the 70's and 80's vibes, but considering the Nationals are considered a "expansion" team, I doubt the ownership would have any interest in a hat like this.


Lastly, I did a baby blue cap for the Tampa Bay Rays, using their original logo.


Comments? Criticism? These are my first concepts but don't be too easy on them!


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The Marlins hat looks like a fashion hat. The black on black wouldn't work on the field. If the "M" was white, it would look much better... 

The black "M" might work on a teal hat though

"And those who know Your Name put their trust in You, for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You." Psalms 9:10

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1 hour ago, chcarlson23 said:

The Marlins hat looks like a fashion hat. The black on black wouldn't work on the field. If the "M" was white, it would look much better... 

The black "M" might work on a teal hat though

I would agree that it would look better visually, but the Marlins won two world series in their all black caps. I based the concept on the original Marlins logo, which used no white except for on the fish.


Considering that Jeter and company are looking to rebuild, and essentially forget the miserable years under Loria, I figured a throwback to the old days would be nice. Now, I did imagine that cap actually having a lighter outline of either white or grey around the logo, to break between the black of the cap and the black of the M. However, I didn't go back and put that in as I didn't notice until later. I can certainly add in an outline and re-do it.


20 hours ago, ProfessorBigShots said:

Nice Hats' I like the Marlins and Rays caps the most. The Angels look great too. Can't wait to see what you do with my Twins. I think for the Twins you gotta use the M logo.

I took a crack at a concept with the M logo, however I'm not really impressed with it myself. I did two versions as well.



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I would outline the "M" in the Marlins hat in teak / aquamarine.  I think it is a great concept, though.  I was pretty annoyed when the Marlins changed their color scheme.  Nothing against orange, but I thought the Marlins had one of the better color schemes in sports.

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