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Biggest Downgrades in History


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12 hours ago, Jimmy Lethal said:


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It doesn’t get much worse than the first major change they had. I’d take the Bortles/Fournette uniforms (awful helmets and all) 10/10 times before those terrible stretchy mismatched stripe Reebok disasters. 

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3 hours ago, Bill81361 said:

Sure to be an unpopular opinion, but I preferred the original silver helmets.



IIRC, the fans actually chose the blue.  The team held a contest showing the new logo as it would look on either blue helmets or silver, and gave fans a means of choosing which one the team would wear.  The fans chose the blue.


4 hours ago, leopard88 said:


This is the first thing I thought of when I read the name of the thread.


Yup.  The Buccaneers most recent change is the worst uniform update, in any sport, in perhaps the past quarter century.  And I say this as a kinda-sorta Cleveland Browns fan.


5 hours ago, bigtex said:



Should've simply hit "go back" the first time, to the Tequila Sunrise.

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17 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:



1953-54, when the Athletics just... gave up their traditional design in favor of a script that had no ties to their "classic" identity. At least the 1955-present scripts have used an Old English "A" as the capital letter. Fitting for a team that got screwed over by Connie Mack's senility and family squabbles, as well as a bunch of AL dickery. Here's an article explaining how it went down.



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17 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:

The downgrade that defines the phenomenon:


97-47382Fr.jpg  8570-4Fr.jpg


A crisp and brilliant look full of character was traded for an awkward and unsightly mess. Nothing was left undamaged, as the colours, the wordmark, the numbers, and the cap logo all got significantly worse. 


The tragic part is that this happened right after the team's high point, its first appearance on the national stage, an achievement which should have cemented the basic elements of the team's identity for all time. Their look has never recovered.

Meh. It's still brown. Beats the crap out of the...well, crap they wear now.

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1 hour ago, OnWis97 said:

I'm with you on that.  I think it was an upgrade.  Brown/Orange/Yellow was a bit too much.  Brown/orange nailed it.  That was my favorite look they've ever had.


I agree that brown/orange/yellow is too much for the Padres.  The solution then is to get rid of orange, not to get rid of yellow.

That wordmark and those numbers were too beautiful to abandon.

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9 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

Meh. It's still brown. Beats the crap out of the...well, crap they wear now.


While the Padres are wearing the wrong colour now, their current wordmark is much better than the hideous one they had starting in 1985.  For me there is absolutely nothing worthwhile about the home uniform from the 1985 set. 


The only thing you can say in favour of that set is that the road uniform -- despite orange where yellow should be, and despite the mangled monogram -- looked passable from the front.

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58 minutes ago, gimmick said:

c03-pitch-21.jpg?w=1000 3c827a89af2694d491891dcb42bcbe09.jpg




The Expos' final uniforms were unobjectionable in themselves; but they were a large downgrade from the team's iconic look.  However, I will say that the road look from the final set could have been paired with the classic home uniform, if it used the Expos' indentifiable number font.





6 minutes ago, VandyDelphia Mike said:







Get the f out of here with that noise!  The Yankees went from wearing wet paper bags to a strong and vibrant look.  The varsity numbers and white outlines on the road rejuvenated what had been a very tired look.  And this look has now lasted longer even than the length of time that the team had had the NY monogram when the look was introduced.  It is untouchable.

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