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Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

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2 minutes ago, Skape7 said:
  • Dolphins 2.0. = A. The orange gives this design life again. It finally feels like MIAMI DOLPHINS again.
  • Lions = A- Maintains much of the classic identity
  • Vikings = B+ A modern approach to a classic design. I even like some of the "viking style" flourishes in the sleeve stripes & numbers
  • Seahawks = B- I think these uniforms are unfairly maligned. Neon green is used in just the right ways IMO
  • Dolphins 1.0 = C. Without orange, it looked mostly lifeless, especially compared to the throwbacks
  • Titans = C- While it definitely has that NIKE overdesigned thing going on, most of the elements work well. I like the sword sleeves
  • Jags 2.0 = C- Overcorrected for their former atrocities by creating one of the blandest uniforms of all time. NEEDS MORE GOLD
  • Browns = D. Took a classic uniform and turned it into dawg doo. Team name on pants? WTF?
  • Jags 2.0 = F.  A genuine eyesore. Whoever came up with the two-tone helmet should be tarred & feathered so they look like a two-tone helmet. 
  • Buccs = Is there a grade lower than an F? The absolute worst number font I have ever seen on any sports uniform anywhere. Repulsive.

An G? 

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Lions -  I loved this set from the day I saw it. A great job of referencing the past while still keeping it current and interesting. 

Vikings - A  Another great redesign from Nike. A true modern classic in my opinion. 

Seahawks - I love the Seahawks' look. They're flashy and modern without being overly garish. They're one of the few exceptions of teams that look good in monochrome.

Dolphins 2.0 - A  A simple, yet much needed update. I never knew just how muddled the previous color scheme was until I saw these. 

Dolphins 1.0- B-  This set was solid and provided a needed refresh of the previous set. The use of navy was ok (but obviously unecessary) and personally I think the new logo is solid. The font is ok, but could definitely be improved. 

Titans - C+  There's a lot I genuinely like about this set. The helmet is fantastic and the sword yoke is cool. The set's biggest downfalls for me are the side panels and pants. The font has characters that need to be reworked as well. 

Jaguars 1.0 - C+  This set has always received way too much hate IMO. People couldn't look past the admittedly garish helmets to see that the rest of the set was really nice. I'll miss the gold. 

Jaguars 2.0 - D+  The Jags listened to criticism, but overcorrected greatly. To me, dullness is equal to tackiness, and this set is astronomically dull. Helmets are the only thing I like. 

Browns - D+ In typical Browns fashion, this entire unveiling was the joke of the league. I like the brighter colors and stripes, but that's about it. The contrast stitching looks terrible and the team name down the leg doesn't work here at all. They still desperately need to get a real logo. 

Buccaneers - D-  This set is obviously very flawed. I do love the helmets with the larger logo, but that's it. The digital clock font is a misstep too great to overlook, and as a result, they are my least favorite Nike NFL redesign. 




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4 hours ago, LeveonTheJet said:

Soo thoughts on this potential "Leak"? I think it's a bit reserved but definitely an 'evolution' of their look. Only thing I don't like is that logo on the helmet.4xm6o5g6u1q21.jpg

Bumping due to potential leak of Jets uniforms. Where it fits into my Nike-NFL rankings:


1. Vikings - A-

2. Seahawks - A

3. Jaguars (Second iteration) - B++

4. Dolphins (Minor Changes) - B+

T5. Jets - B

T5. Lions - B

7. Dolphins (First Change) - C

8. Tennessee (Based off the leaks) - C-

9. Jaguars (First Change) - C-

10. Browns - D+

11. Tampa Bay - D-


Overall I can live with these if these are the true leaked uniforms. I don't know if they need New York on the chest that large or if it could've been moved to the shoulder like their previous uniform. The points could be changed out to be stripes (like the last kelly green set they had), but otherwise it's not terrible by any means

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Vikings - Knocked it out the park those uniforms made prince cry

Seahawks - Love it the native american vibe but would like to see the design with the old 1990's colorway

Lions - Meh hit and miss to much going on

Dolphins - Its like my cousin putting a wig on and some makeup you aint really change that much

Tennessee - Disney had a hand in that uniform creation shoulda used the oilers colorway

Jaguars 1.0 -Fire a breath of fresh air. - 2.0 - can somebody say template 

Browns - Uniforms looks like it is sponsored by the local garbage company trash

Tampa Bay - The uniform numbers tells you its time for the bucs to get the smackdown layed and have those playoff dreams crushed 

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1. Vikings

2. Dolphins*

3. Lions

4. Jets**

5. Browns***

6. Jaguars 1.0

7. Jaguars 2.0

8. Seahawks

9. Titans

10. Buccaneers


*- I don’t consider Miami’s color tweak before the start of last season a redesign.


**- based on leaks from earlier today.


***- Cleveland’s uniforms really aren’t all that bad. A couple tweaks from being great.

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On 4/5/2018 at 7:27 PM, MJD7 said:

Using @BrandMooreArt's scale, here is my list:


Vikings: I fully acknowledge my bias, but Minnesota may have my favorite uniform set in the league. It is such an immense improvement over their previous set. I don't mind the numbers or the black facemask much at all, the only thing I would change would be the stripes on the white pants.


B+ Dolphins: I think the simplicity of this look really adds to the cleanness and sleekness that a Dolphins uniform should be. I personally love the new logo, and the only thing I would change would be to make the outlines thicker and go back to the old orange.


B+ Lions: I love this update, the only thing I would do would be to make the home numbers white, put "LIONS" on both sleeves and change all dark gray to the normal silver.


Seahawks: The new color scheme defines them at this point due to their recent success, and I like the patterns and Pacific Northwestern style used throughout. It's a bit busy, but somehow it works pretty well for me.


Browns: I have to be honest, I don't hate this set as much as most people do... Really I would just take "Browns" off the pants (that really is atrocious) and flip the colors on the home and away numbers. Other than that, I really think everything is an improvement.


D+ Jaguars (2013-2017): The increased use of gold immediately makes this an improvement for me over the prior set, it just brings some warmness and life back into it. The helmet is clearly rediculous, but the rest is not bad and the number font is one of the best Nike's done. If only teal was the primary home option.


D+ Titans: This set doesn't have the one clear design flaw that other Nike uniforms tend to, but I don't know... Overall this set just doesn't work for me right now. A lot of the combos seem that they won't go well together at all. It really does manage to be bland and busy at the same time.


Buccaneers: The only flaw to me is the numbers, but boy is that a big flaw. The alarm clock numbers look like they should be for a robotic, futuristic team, the exact opposite of what a pirate-themed team should use. I would also but the pirate ship on both sleeves. I do really like the helmet though.


On 4/19/2018 at 10:42 PM, MJD7 said:

Updating this with the new changes released today:


Dolphins (2018): I love the update even more than I thought I would, it makes the uniform even more clean and bright and does the exact things I hoped they would. This is one of the first uniform releases in a while in any sport that I was completely satisfied with.


D Jaguars (2018): Even though the helmet is an immense upgrade, like many others have said to me the uniforms as a whole are actually somehow a downgrade. I just really love the warmth gold brings to the set even in accents, and without it something just looks missing. The same goes with the one-color numbers, they work for some teams but the Jags aren't one of them to me.

For me, now that the set is out, I’d update my list slotting the Jets right between the Lions and Seahawks, probably at a B+. Definitely towards the top of the Nike redesigns, which is quite a pleasant surprise. We’ll have to wait to see what it looks like on the field, but as of right now this set just works for me.


I’d probably also upgrade the Jags’ 2018 re-do to a C- or a C, as even though it is quite plain, a lot of the combos looked pretty nice in action, especially the ones with greater use of teal.

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Vikings: different style numbers only negative

Jags 2.0: Love the all black set, white jerseys and pants need teal stripes

Lions: Could use more white, less grey

Dolphins: Go back to the throwbacks

Seahawks: jersey number pattern is tacky 

Jets: New helmet logo doesn’t go with the uniforms

C- Jags 1.0: Helmet ruins everything

C- Browns: traditional team went too fancy, name on pants is awful

Titans:Too many Navy dominate teams, number font awful

D- Bucs: awful numbers, pewter shoulders, different logos on each sleeve 

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1. Vikings -- The clear class of the group.

2. Lions -- It has some issues, but overall the look has grown on me, and is worthy of a classic franchise.

3. Dolphins -- I actually liked the original redesign, and the fixes only made them better. Still, there should be more orange.

4. Jets -- This is less about loving the new uniforms and more about how underwhelming/bad the other options are. 

5. Jaguars 2.0 -- Boring, but they work. 

6. Browns -- They've got plenty of problems, but they're close to actually being good.

7. Seahawks -- A compelling mess of a uniform. The basic idea is interesting, and there are strong elements (I love the sleeves), but the design overall is so inconsistent and feels so haphazard that the whole look is ruined.

8. Bucs -- Terrible all around. 

9. Jaguars 1.0 -- A bad uniform in its own right, but that helmet. Woof.

10. Titans -- A complete culmination of awful ideas thrown together to make one of the worst uniforms in sports history. I absolutely hate the terms amateurish/arena league when describing uniforms. The Titans are the only NFL uniforms that I’m willing to describe that way. The stupid sword shoulders are almost as bad as the Jaguars helmet was.

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On 4/19/2018 at 7:29 PM, VikWings said:



Dolphins 2.0 (A) (would be an A+ but I still hate the Resort/cruise/toothpaste logo)

Vikings (A-)

Lions (B)

Dolphins 1.0 (C+)

Jaguars 2.0 (C+)

Titans (C)

Seahawks (D+)

Browns (D)

Jaguars 1.0 (D) (would be a C/C+ with a normal helmet)

Bucs (F)



Jets are probably a C. I don't hate them beside the mono black and the leotard look with the socks.


IDK what I was thinking giving the Titans a C, but after seeing them on the field this year, they're a D+ at best.

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On 4/8/2019 at 7:48 PM, TSHARE18 said:

Vikings: different style numbers only negative

Jags 2.0: Love the all black set, white jerseys and pants need teal stripes

Lions: Could use more white, less grey

Dolphins: Go back to the throwbacks

Seahawks: jersey number pattern is tacky 

Jets: New helmet logo doesn’t go with the uniforms

C- Jags 1.0: Helmet ruins everything

C- Browns: traditional team went too fancy, name on pants is awful

Titans:Too many Navy dominate teams, number font awful

D- Bucs: awful numbers, pewter shoulders, different logos on each sleeve 

This might be my least favorite feature on any uniform in the league.  With the digital numbers second and the giant logo third.  Maybe the Browns pants fit in there somewhere.


This is pretty close to my list, at least in terms of sequence...my grades tend to be lower.. 


  • A- Lions: Agree that more white was needed but such an improvement.
  • A- Dolphins: Including the new number update, it's fantastic.  And I prefer the silhouette to the whimsical dolphin in a helmet.
  • B-  Vikings: Needs more yellow and the ship-sail numbers have worn out their welcome
  • C+ Jets: Could have been worse.  I actually like the helmet quite a bit.  
  • C- Titans:I kinda like the sword motif, but overall, it's too dark blue.
  • D+ Browns: The pants are inexcusable.  The brown facemask is the best change and I hope they keep it when they go back to their more traditional uniforms.
  • D Jags 2.0: Blech.  They haven't done anything right in a while...but at least the helmet is not a joke.
  • D  Seahawks: I still mourn the loss of that color (slate?).  While I have gotten used to them, nothing about them is an upgrade.  The original Nike team of the NFL.
  • Jags 1.0: The helmet was worthy of an "F" anyway, but it caused everyone to overlook how they still sucked from the neck-down. 
  • Bucs: As you said, awful numbers, pewter shoulders, different logos on each sleeve.  Bonus negative points for replacing a modern classic. And while I have some strong feelings about some uniforms, this is one of maybe three changes for which I flat out cannot fathom anyone considering it an improvement.  That's why this belongs on the bottom.  All they did was take a great uniform and wipe crap on it.  I'd love to hear from someone that thinks this is an improvement.


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A bit stunned at the Dolphins rankings, so adding my bias as a lifelong Miami fan:


A - Vikings

A - Seahawks

B - Lions

B - Jets

C - Jaguars II

C - Titans

F - Dolphins II

F - Dolphins I

F - Jaguars I

F - Buccaneers

F - Browns


When the Mid-American Conference has the State of Florida beat for a while, you know Nike did its creative worst.  The Seahawks were the only design to abandon their heritage that scored highly on my list.

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5. DOLPHINS 1.0 B-

6. DOLPHINS 2.0 B+


8. JAGUARS 1.0 D

9. JAGUARS 2.0 D+

10. JETS B-

11. BUCCANEERS F------------------------------------------------

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