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A Few NHL Redesigns


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Hey guys! I've had a bit of downtime on my hands as of late and decided to try my hands at some NHL Re-Designs.


First up, the Los Angeles Kings


A team I don't like. A team I really, really don't like. But I figured, if I could be unbiased to them, I could be unbiased to any team.


Up first, the Homes:



I decided to move back to their old school colors. I've never been a fan of Black & White color schemes, even with a bit of silver. Same goes for the Raiders, so I had to bring back those royal LA colors. Despite the colors, I do like the current designs, so I kept it pretty much the same. I added a stripe to the bottom of the torso to match the ones on the sleeves, much like the current away jerseys have. The option to add the silver inner stripe came pretty early, as just plain purple and yellow could also seem a bit bland. Plus, its in the new front crest. The Crown Logo was taken from the LA Banner logo, which has now been moved to the shoulders. Works rather well there imo. I wanted the jersey to scream loyalty, not just Los Angeles, so the Royalty colors mixed with the crown seemed like the right choice.


Next the official Aways:



More of an honest recoloring of the current white jerseys, just changed black to purple, and white to yellow. I opted for yellow to callback to the old school era of Kings hockey, where obviously the yellows were home and purples (Royal Blue, w.e) were aways. Silver stays pretty much the same, and dropped the outer stripe on the sleeves and torso. Not too much to say that hasn't been said in the Homes.


AAAAAND Alternates:



What could just be seen as the same unis as the current away whites, I decided to opt for the Crown Crest yet again, with just a touch more black than before. Why white? Well they gotta play the Predators in Nashville at some point right? The bottom black stripes on the sleeves and torsos extend down to the ends just to separate it from the ones already around. Real unoriginal, I know, but it was needed.




Next up, The Capitals:





Keeping the Homes red, as the Rock the Red campaign is still alive and well. Their uniforms always seemed bland to me... Almost like practice jerseys in a way. In my opinion they were one of the biggest teams in need of a change, and change them I did. I actually had the aways in mind while creating these ones, which you'll see in the next pic. I wanted Red, White, & Blue to stand out. They're in the Nation's capital, after-all. Went with a simple three stripe pattern, maybe a sandwich design if you will: Two thick stripes surrounding a third, smaller stripe. This stripe pattern is on the sleeves and torso, and is mimicked on the shoulders. The Captaincy patches now include a star in the background, inspired by the patches Team USA wore on their away jerseys for the 2016 WCH. IDK if the star is on every jersey or just the captaincy patches, I'll let you peeps discuss. There are also stars on each sleeve aligned with with the numbers, towards the bottom. The three stars (Sleeves/Captaincy Patch) make up the three stars in the Capitals main logo. Socks are two toned, separated by the thin white stripe.





Maybe my favorite design so far, the stripes showcase the Red, White, & Blue theme I mentioned above. Same sandwich style stripes, but this time the top stripe is red. This is again mimicked on the shoulders. Stripes also appear on the socks this time. White Helmets too, along with red pants this time around to keep that Rock The Red theme alive as well.





Taking influence from both the above the designs as well as their Stadium Series design from the 2018 season. The red stripes on the SS was way too thick, and just seemed awkward. A much shorter red stripe appears, this time with the thin white stripe at the bottom. With the blue jersey re-appearing after the white stripe, it still keeps with the Red, White, & Blue theme as well. In a "Houston Texans Color Rush" move, the name and numbers are colored with a white outline to pop. The Main crest has been changed to the Eagle logo they have. I've always liked it, and thought it could make for a good main logo, but didn't want to overuse it, so I went with it strictly on the alternates. Same red pants from the white unis.



Let me know what you guys think!

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I like the idea you had with the Kings but the silver gold and forum blue just don't work together IMO. I think the Kings need to either commit to black and silver or forum blue and gold. I really like your Caps uniforms though

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