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Fixing the Tennessee Titans


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The new Tennessee Titans uniforms have been met mixed, mostly negative reviews. I've seen a lot of complaints over concepts - such as color balance and cohesion - as well as over specific details - such as no white helmet and the font selection. Also, a concerning amount of people think the new uniforms make them look like the Texans, Seahawks, and/or Patriots. 


I don't hate the re-design, but it could definitely use some polishing. As-is, it feels incomplete....but it does have some elements that can be salvaged.


-Shifting the focus to navy is a welcomed change that creates a more aggressive look

-Changing the shoulder yokes to silver eliminates large volumes of Columbia blue (primary color or not, this is a very good thing)

-Injecting silver into the color palette helps tone things down while allowing accent colors to pop


Personally, my biggest issue with the set is the aforementioned lack of coherency. It feels like three different teams of designers worked on it -- one on the helmet, one on the jersey, and one on the pants. This should obviously never be the case, so the main goal is to unify the three major pieces.


Additionally, I want to clean things up just a bit. The two-tone silver looks muddled, the underarm color blocks feel cluttered, and none of the shapes flow along with one another. 


Anyways, here are my changes...


Helmet - The navy shell with a silver facemask is sharp, but the flaming thumbtack logo must go. It's now replaced with a modified version of the team's 20th Anniversary Logo. The two-tone silver striping has been replaced with a solid red tapered stripe designed to mimic the plume of a titan's battle helmet. (The Nike-speak potential here is off the charts.)


Jersey - The navy home and white away jerseys offer continuity with the team's historical jersey colors; however, I refuse to include a Columbia blue alternate because it's just a dreadful color. The shoulder yokes are alleviated of the two-tone silver treatment, though the general color balance remains largely unchanged. The only difference is the removal of the underarm color blocks, with the sleeve trim retaining Columbia blue in the form of the Greek striping pattern. The sharpness of the sword-inspired shape is gone, though, considering you can't wear swords on your shoulders....so instead the shape has been modified in reference to shoulder armor. (You know, something you can wear on your shoulders.) Finally, the font has been adjusted to the one that's been used across most of the team's social media platforms.


Pants - The actual pants unveiled the other night are shockingly underwhelming -- the sword sheath idea is intriguing, but the pants complement precisely nothing else throughout the rest of the uniform set. Here, I aim for something simple and coherent that can be worn with any jersey without causing color and/or striping inconsistencies.



Navy - Navy - Silver



Navy - Navy - Navy



Navy - White - Navy



Navy - White - Silver





Any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Hoopladawg87 said:

Jersey - The navy home and white away jerseys offer continuity with the team's historical jersey colors; however, I refuse to include a Columbia blue alternate because it's just a dreadful color.

Just making sure you read this.

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1 hour ago, BellaSpurs said:

Replace the red stripe on the helmet to Columbia blue. Also needs a Columbia blue jersey. I like the helmet logo and the pant stripe. The number font is also a major improvement 


Thanks for the input! The red helmet stripe definitely stands out as something that could be tweaked, so you make a good point. In addition to the color, the shape may well need to be tweaked too. 


42 minutes ago, Dan O'Mac said:

Just making sure you read this.


Not sure who this comment is directed at?

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The grey pants work on the road, but not on the home jersey.  Just too dark overall.  Especially with that big white number there and no where else on the uniform.  Also, think it's an impossible task to make the Navy helmet work with this set.  Though, I love that logo.

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The light blue outlines on the TV numbers bleed into the gray yoke too much.  They would benefit from a different colored outline or no outline at all.  Additionally, the red plumage from a "titan helmet" really throws off the color balance of the rest of the uniform.  There's this massive shot of red on the helmet, but practically nonexistent in the rest of the uniform.  To remedy these two problems, I would probably go with red outlines on the numbers instead of light blue. 

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