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Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome


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This thread will be all about ugly uniforms that actually found a way to look good. I’ll use the creamsicles as a prime example.  




So, what do you guys got? Show your favorite ugly uniforms That are actually kind of awesome! 

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Every MLB uniform in the 70s and 80s. Those damn pullovers, racing stripes and light blue jerseys. EVERYONE HAD LIGHT BLUE! and yet they fit very well with the times. These uniforms can never work today.





Image result for mlb 80's uniforms


Here's a bonus. It's not good but I love how outrageous it is.

Related image


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This set's successor was a legitimately good uniform (save for Friz Quadrata numbers), but this one was just nasty. Still, I can't dislike the "Basketball Sentai Warrioranger" set. It's got that goofy charm to it, what with its lightning bolts on the wordmark and one jersey side. 




Gotta love the windowpane! I'd love it if the Giants and/or Mets based an alt around it.

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