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The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly


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Your team one of the 15 not doing the rite of spring this year? Then this thread is for you(as well as for teams currently in the rite of spring as they get eliminated).



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Here's my annual list of teams that gained or lost ten or more points from the season before:


Colorado +47
Winnipeg +27
New Jersey +27
Nashville +23
Tampa Bay +19
Boston +17
Florida +15
Dallas +13
Los Angeles +12
Toronto +10
Philadelphia +10


Calgary -10
Columbus -11
Pittsburgh -11
Washington -13
Islanders -14
Buffalo -16
Edmonton -25
Rangers -25
Ottawa -31
Montreal -32
Chicago -33


Obviously, Colorado is the big story. They only had 48 points the year before, and they almost doubled that! The tank is on track in MSG. The Sabres took a big step back in a year where they were supposed to improve. Ottawa turned back into a pumpkin. It feels like Montreal is up or down 30 points every year. Yes, I thought about putting "Vegas +109", but people on the boards already have enough of a stick up their ass about Vegas already.

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10 minutes ago, Cosmic said:

Ottawa turned back into a pumpkin. It feels like Montreal is up or down 30 points every year.

Ottawa seems that way too! I think I posted one time that the Senators spin a big Showcase Showdown wheel every year to determine what their season will be like because there's never any continuity from one year to another.


Dallas going up 13 points sounds impressive on paper but it didn't really amount to anything in real life. They're still the same 10th-placers they've been for most of the last ten years. But I guess Jim Nill is still one of the best at trading a ham sandwich for a Canadian guy pooping his diaper about playing in Canada so you have to stay the course.

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So the Rangers canned Vigneault right after their final game.


The Islanders should have canned Snow and Weight immediately after Saturday's game but will probably keep them on in perpetuity while John Tavares most likely heads to greener pastures as a UFA.  But they have Josh Bailey for the next six-years.  FML as an Islander fan.

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As a Blackhawks fan, going from first in the Western Conference last year to last in the Central Division this year was kinda crazy in itself. A 33 point change is a big difference. However, it pales in comparison to the turnaround the Avs had this year. Pretty incredible that they improved by 47 points; basically doubled their points.

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Was a tough season to be a Habs fan, but things do look up. 9 draft picks, including a most likely top 5. Lots of young prospects like Jeremiah Addison, Ryan Poehling and Jake Evans, among others. A lot of the young guys that got extra minutes because of injuries seem to have stepped up as well, such as Scherbak, Deslauriers, Lehkonen. 


I'm crossing my fingers that Bergevin -somehow in his full incompetency- signs Tavares as the star center we've so desperately needed for 3 decades. 

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10 hours ago, Still MIGHTY said:

Day 2: Randy Carlyle has still not been fired by the Anaheim Ducks.


I figured the Flames and Brian Burke fired Gulutzan now because they knew something...


Randy Carlyle hasn’t been fired because, apparently, all signs point to him returning with the Ducks next season.


El. Oh. El.


:censored: ing why!?!? Did they not watch those four games?!?!


Yes, okay, managed to “helm” an injury ravaged team to another 100 point season and snagged home-ice advantage in the playoffs. Okay, cool, but the Ducks have done that before even when they were completely healthy for a full season.


Carlyle was brought back for exactly one thing: winning in the playoffs. The Ducks did make the West Final last year and finally won that elusive Game 7 and maybe/probably would have at least forced another Game 7 had Gibson not been injured and had Bernier not crapped his pants in Game 6. But those four games against the Sharks were inexcusable. The Ducks looked slow, disorganized, undisciplined and worst of all completely unmotivated at the worst time.


How is that acceptable? I do not understand that. I wasn’t going to advocate for firing Bob Murray yet, but if his stance was Randy was fine and not accountable for that performance? Fire the both of them

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22 hours ago, the admiral said:

Flames fired Glen Gulutzan. That was a retread hire that made no sense to me and his next retread hire will be even more baffling.


21 hours ago, Still MIGHTY said:

I figured the Flames and Brian Burke fired Gulutzan now because they knew something...


17 hours ago, the admiral said:

Bill Peters quits the Carolina Hurricanes. Not fired, the guy who missed the playoffs four years in a row but got handjobbed as some Corsi genius anyway, but quit. 



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On 4/21/2018 at 10:39 AM, Zeus89725 said:

Can't find it now. There was a clip from 30 Rock where they talk about how "the Islanders lost again." That sums up our whole season this year.


Liz : You could've burned the place down.

Dennis : I wish I had burned the place down. There's no reason to live anymore.

Liz : What happened?

Dennis : The Islanders lost tonight.

Liz : Doesn't that happen a lot?

Dennis : I knew you wouldn't understand.

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