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Circular Brackets


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Completed 2018 NBA Playoffs:




I've also been futzing around with the format for a bracket for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Here's what I have so far. The logistics are tricky since it's a pretty drastic reshuffle between the group and knockout stages. What I've done in this hypothetical (again, not to be taken as any sort of prediction) is grayed out teams eliminated in the group stage in the outermost ring, while teams advancing from the group stage get a background colour from their flag, and then their flag as a faded background image from the knockout stage on (e.g. Egypt). Let me know if this makes sense or if there are any improvements you think I could make. 



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2018 FIFA World Cup, with group stage complete:




Backgrounds for group stage winners are inspired by their kits. Backgrounds in the round of 16 are the crests each team is wearing on their kits; most are the countries' football federation logos, except for Russia, who are wearing their coat of arms.

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Yikes ... just realized I didn't post a final version of the 2018 World Cup bracket. Better late than never ...




AAAAND ... here's a first draft of the 2019 NCAA men's basketball tournament (click for larger version) : 




Also cooking up some new versions for NBA/NHL playoffs this year. Stay tuned.


EDIT: AAAAGGH, I f'ed up the NCAA one. East plays West in the Final Four, South plays Midwest. Will rework.

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