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Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site


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Are you actually trying to find the logo with the lowest rating or are you just posting bad logos you found?

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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Guest Wizza
1 hour ago, PowderedWater said:

Sorry, but for a single post I’m going off topic: a second, more difficult challenge. Finding a SOMEHOW WORSE logo than this actual Singaporean soccer logo:GombakUnitedFC.png

The last image the human brain produces before all functions cease after looking at this logo?

Thing looks like a toku monster which brings to mind the Gorengers oh so wonderful finisher. [0:00-0:28]



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I think what makes the Beast of New Haven logo bad is that the name itself is bad as well. Take away the name, the logo is weird and bad, but it's not 'bad' in terms of rendering. It's a simple outline design, solid colors, etc.


What's bad is that rainbow patterned Fornadoes logo that features a Dragon instead of... you know, a Tornado.

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