Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site

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3b0180aa23747dae70ffe12577c18372.jpgIt’s not lower than 4.0 but it’s still pretty bad. Good idea, but poorly executed. 

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If you don't recognize this one - can't match it to a team - you're pretty much forgiven.


The NHL Dallas Stars ... an unthinkably horrible design, needlessly complicated, especially in light of how the game is played.





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3 hours ago, whitedawg22 said:

Without female participation?



Oh City of Big Shoulders ... where have ye been?





But uhhh ... you stumped me for about 30 seconds there.


My phrase "how the game is played" efforted reference to the hyper-physical nature of the sport, and that taking even a couple of seconds trying to figure out this absurdly cryptic, and again, needlessly complicated logo might mean losing a couple (more) teeth.






 And it appears the Interwebs agree with me: I went to find a smaller logo to post (chose the one just above here), but "Dallas Stars logos" returned too few size choices.  I added the term  "stupid"  to the search, and my choices quadrupled. :D 








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