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Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms


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14 hours ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

The Vikings are easily the best of the post 2012 designs and I think it's because the bells and whistles are kept to a minimum and there isn't much extraneous details that distract from the unique sleeve details. 


I think that's a good rule of football design, if you have a unique feature, make sure that feature stays the focus by not distracting from it. 


For example, the Bengals helmet is a cool, unique idea but the current set has the extra side panels and shadowed numbers that detract from the tiger striping on the helmet. 


In the case of the current Jaguars, its tough to single out a particular unique feature. I think if we sat Tom Coughlin down and asked what is the unique element that the rest of the uniform seems to be getting out of the way for, he'd probably say the black/teal color scheme itself. Which isn't a bad idea if the team is wearing teal over white, teal over black, or black over teal. Returns diminish if they just wear black over black. 


Since everyone was making comparisons to using the Giants as a template for how the Jags might turn out, the same logic can be applied to them.  What is the unique element for the Giants that make them stand out? Gray Pants? lack of blue on away jersey? They kinda have a bland uniform themselves....however they are defended by THE POWER OF TRADITION!!!! because it's a classic look from an older, established team. 

This doesn't mean Jacksonville should fully embrace their 90s heritage, with wacky template excessive designs; but they are using a uniquely 90s color with the Teal and they should absolutely embrace it!!  They need to own it like Minnesota owns Purple or how Tennessee owns Colu--- or how the Chargers own Powder Bl---........................





They Should embrace their unique color, not shun it to the backburner.  The emphasis on Black is mind boggling (despite the owner preferring it) and the blandness and lack of what should be their main color throughout the uniform just makes it even more confusing.  Their unique element should be their color scheme and it's...idunno

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59 minutes ago, Ray Lankford said:

In that picture, without the back of the helmet visible, the Jags look good.

And also most of the 'bling' around the shoulders, I might add.


Acceptable, although I prefer a non-monchrome dark uniform.

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On 4/24/2018 at 6:18 PM, TSHARE18 said:

The Jaguars stated that NIKE came up with a custom font called Full Block Modern. Looks a little different then the standard block fonts most teams use. 


The numbers for sure. The nameplate not as much. Care was definitely taken to make it make it a better typeface (definitely opening up the Y, maybe some other changes), but most of the letters are exactly the same as the stock lettering several other teams use, particularly the E that you mentioned. I guess it’s functional aesthetics versus stylistic aesthetics. A few small changes (an angled spine on the S to work off the 2, bringing the middle bar of the out a but more, etc.) would have made it more unique and in keeping with the design of the numbers, but as is, it’s just refined stock lettering.


Props to the design team for spending the time and effort to make it better, though. It’s an overlooked part of most uniforms, and there’s no credit given out for good nameplate lettering.


“Good typography is invisible, but bad typography can steal the show.”




On 4/24/2018 at 6:31 PM, EddieJ1984 said:

Whoever thought that orange stitching was a good idea, should be fired by now and blacklisted from ever working on designing ANYTHING.


I’ll be be the first to admit that I don’t like contrast stitching in general (though it is found on most uniforms that feature differently colored panels if you look closely). I hated it on the Browns, too. The reasoning behind it, though, warmed me up on the concept, even if the execution is still lacking. That brings me to here...


On 4/25/2018 at 12:37 AM, Cosmic said:

It obviously doesn't work here, but I think there's a scenario where maybe it could look good? It's not the place to use it on every seam when there's 25 frickin' panels to the jersey.


I think it it would be fine on the new jersey template simply because there are fewer seams and it would become much more of a complement than a focal point (I’d also prefer it be orange on both jerseys to keep it lower contrast).


On 4/25/2018 at 8:55 AM, NikeRuinsEverything said:


I can go running through a corn field bass akwards, but it doesn't mean I should. Even though I'm sure some people on these boards might want me to. If your friend jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump too?



It looks terrible. The whole point of a number outline is to add more color to a uniform. Adding more of the same color doesn't make the number stand out anymore, nor does it add any value to the overall look of the uniform. It just looks out of place and a design flaw. 


Typically, an outline that’s the same color as the jersey is used to apply a number that would otherwise require two thread colors to sew down (like the Browns’ numbers). I’m not sure what the functional reasoning for doing it on single color numbers is. My best guess would be durability, but I’d prefer the trim be added as part of the number rather than part of the background (so the effect would be raised white trim on a white number).

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1 hour ago, Pharos04 said:

however they are defended by THE POWER OF TRADITION!!!! because it's a classic look from an older, established team.


The Giants were so ahead of the curve bringing back their minimalist look in 2000 that I would argue they helped develop trends in minimalist uni design. I think NY's look works so well because they go all-in with the vintage motif. For as little as the Jags features in terms of design, they split between vintage minimalism and gimmicky, modern accents.


The Jags are poaching minimalism to try and be different, while the Giants are simply retaining it to stay the same.

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2 hours ago, Ray Lankford said:

What else is missing? The pant stripe? That wasn't really a problem so it doesn't make much of a difference.

The goofy parallelogram pants stripe was hideous and a problem, along with the helmet and the shiny shoulders and the lazy contrast sleeves, etc. When you look at it up close, it was really a mess of unrelated, uncalled for design elements from head to toe.

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On 4/23/2018 at 8:44 PM, DeFrank said:

I HATE NIKE. This is just like in 2000, when they left the Giants sleeves blank so that they could highlight their logo! AGH


Image result for giants 2000


I ALSO HATE NIKE. This is just like in 2012 when they designed the Seaha-





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8 hours ago, bowld said:

Nfl Shop now has the jerseys for sale. I have to say that the Black does look best of the bunch. Also, Limited edition has the jaguar patch in correct spot, game version has it up high next to numbers.




I still don’t understand why if they were gonna take the time to outline the numbers anyway, why they didn’t use teal. It would be a Dolphins-like improvement.

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With their longer sleeves, the replicas look silly.  


I think in these situation it'd be OK to put the numbers on the sleeve on the replicas.  It really wouldn't be any more of an inaccuracy since the on-field ones don't even have sleeves at all.

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