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Jaguars Concept


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So I thought about posting this concept for about a week but held off until we saw the new uniforms. After seeing them unveiled, I'm extremely underwhelmed. They only have gold in the logo, no pants stripes, and number are single-colored. Quite frankly, I think they oversimplified. My concept uses some past parts of their uniforms that I really like. Let's talk about them.

- Solid black helmet, which the team did, in fact, return to

- Old number font that was used from 2000-2008. 

- Old pants stripes

Now I didn't want to make a carbon copy of their old uniforms, so I went with IMO a criminally underused football jersey design with vertical shoulder stripes. It's a unique look that doesn't get used enough, but it makes these uniforms modern without going over the edge. 


Hope you guys enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see more combinations too and I'll probably post them.




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Not crazy about the shoulder stripe, but I take it that that was inspired by the Jaguar stretched across concept that they never came out with so I give you props for that. Honestly this style of Jaguars concept is perfect, they should just stick with their old uniforms and leave it. I think the fact that they got criticized for their uniforms being too busy, caused them to make them as bland as humanly possible 

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12 hours ago, KingKongTom said:

I like them overall. I think the vertical stripes give it a little bit of a rococo look. But its overall clean. I think my concept is better by a little bit, but yours is really cool also.

Don’t be so modest Tom



in all honestly this concept is beautiful and well executed, a great look, good job

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