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NFL to NBA (#25 Chiefs updated on 1/8)


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6 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

Stunning, best yet


4 hours ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

this thread is drugs

Thanks!! :D


4 hours ago, IndianapolisCubs2009 said:

I think that Jags uni is the most 90's thing I have seen. Some of these are rough around the edges, but overall the concepts are really nice.

Thanks!! Some old logos on the CCSLC are a little rough... But I'll try to fix it more carefully in later teams.;)


45 minutes ago, Darknes said:

When you get to New England, would it be possible for you to do both eras in some way (Pat Patriot and the Flying Elvis?)

Pat Patriot is the Primary logo till 1992? (Sorry for not knowing much about teams history, since I come from asia lol)

I've considered about the Pats, I think I will try to do a Flying Elvis one first (the 95-99 set if I'm not mistaken), and may add an alt of the Pat Patriots era.;)


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And here's the Patriots!!


(As a Celtics fans, that Drew Bledsoe Flying Elvis uni is very cool)


Tried to put the Flying Elvis logo on the jersey but it didn't work, so put it on the short instead. Hope the drop shadow and the stripes represent that classic uniform well.





As for the alt, changed the design a little bit, ditched the stripe, finished something like the Blazers.



Edit 5/5: Add a Pat Patriot Throwback.


Thanks for reading!!

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Back with this experimental Vikings concept.

We know that the Vikings have a great clean look, and it is regarded as one of the best updates (maybe along with the Lions and Dolphins)  in the NFL in the nike era. But since I want to express something 90s in this concept, so I didn't simply translate it into a basketball uniform.




Decided to put the Viking horn logo on the jersey, to make it look like "the big logo" jerseys in the 90s. Also tried to use a serif number font to match their wordmark logo(Don't want to use block fonts).  Also used the pinstripe. I think they might be crazy ideas... So looking for C&Cs... Thanks for reading!


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On 4/22/2018 at 5:03 AM, slikye1 said:

And here's the Indianapolis Colts! 

I think the Colts have a clean and classic look, but imo that means it is not that interesting as a concept because you may not change that classic set much, you may just try to keep its original look.

Since I want to try this series more freely (no specific orders and may not finish all the 32 teams), I think I won't finish the Colts one because it's not that interesting... until I came across an unused logo (glad that it is unused, lol)on CCSLC. So I finished them:




Inspiration: 1989-98 Orlando Magic


As you see, use the pinstripe and similar cuff. That logo may be hilarious, but I think it's worth a try. C&C appreciated!


Edit on 4/26: added 2 different versions.








You think you could put the numbers inside the horseshoe?

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On 2018/5/7 at 9:30 PM, Spiderman92 said:

You think you could put the numbers inside the horseshoe?

Yeah it's a great idea, worth a try when it comes to the current Colts set... May have a try later.

On 2018/5/8 at 8:55 AM, Brave-Bird 08 said:

Simple but genius detail for Vikings uniforms. 


For New England, I would actually have liked to see their modern wordmark

Thank you!  I think the current wordmark fits their current set better...

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I think the Patriots set would be better with solid colors, but then again it would be just like taking their wordmark and slapping it on a jersey with the team's colors, which is fine, but way too safe of a concept.


All I'm saying is, it will look good...but it would be nice to see something a little more creative, add some kind of different element like you did with all the rest.



And I like the Vikings, however...lol:


How about having the horn be smaller and not wrap around the jersey at all? And play around with the round part to make it resemble a basketball? It's seriously fine how it is right now....just throwing some small ideas out there for it. I'm more concerned with the Patriots...I think it's lacking something. Excited about seeing the rest!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Got a little busy in the past few weeks and I decided to post the team I have done. The Steelers! Have read every C&C and thank for the advice!! May try to make my concept better.

For the regular set, use the single-sided stripe because of their current helmet, which only have their logo in one side.

To make the set more interesting lol (like the Spurs fiesta's colors), add the stars in their logo beside the number.

Use the current wordmark and number font(I don't hate it lol)





Also finished a 1967 throwback set, thanks for reading!! 





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Here's the Dolphins! btw looking back I'm not that satisfied with the Vikings one so I'm planning on a version 2.

I have to say I love Miami's teams color schemes... including Heat's city edition and Floridians throwback, Dolphins' current one and Florida Marlins. Especially the Fins.







Since I love their color scheme very much, I didn't add logos on the jersey, tried to make it cleaner. Just put their old logo on the short.

Chose a font which is like their previous wordmark, also keep it as the number font.  May be a little cartoonish but I think it is OK.

The arc on the left side is inspired (a little bit) by the flo-jo Pacers uniform, tried to perform a wave-like pattern, hope it works!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm back with the Seahawks!! Love the 1983-2001 set, especially the sleeve stripe with the logo, so I enlarged it and put it on the chest.

For the wordmark, did't want to use block font or the serif wordmark which they have actually used, I chose this font. Since I love the 90s jerseys, for the Seahawks I want something looks "futuristic" in the 90s and looks retro now.(maybe like the turn ahead the clock jersey in the MLB). Also put the stripe on one side of the short, hope it not being too off.







Thanks for watching!! 

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