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NFL to NBA (#25 Chiefs updated on 1/8)


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Love the striping for Cincy and Chicago. Cincy's is both really fun and well-executed, and that Chicago throwback is pure class! Perfect old-timey vibes while working perfectly in the modern day, with its beautiful script and no white.


I really like the wordmark for Carolina's blue; not feeling the "Panthers" one though. I would suggest two-color striping rather than three, personally.


Keep up the good work!


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Finally I'm back with the Cowboys!




Not going too over here, created them according to their set in the 1990s. Rather than having stripes with stars like the 76ers / Nets set, here I placed the stars beside the front number.

C&C welcomed and thanks for reading!

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Here's the Texans! Texans have a clean and solid look which I want to keep, but here I also want to create something unique here.







Like some concepts in this board, I simply gave them an asymmetric look on the collar and stripes. Thinking it may balance better, used the opposite color on the jersey and short.

Thanks for reading!!

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Here's the Titans!!

Thinking it's too busy with too many colors,I'm not a fan of their current set. Just want to go back to the double blue era, and add something unique.







I started this according to the Washington Wizards current set at first, but here's what I finish.

I'm a fan of their double blue color scheme, always love to see how they match perfectly, so I keep the "yoke" on their previous design.

I also love their number font which is used in their social media so I kept them. Far better than the current disaster IMO.

Also have the "meander" as the stripes, hope this not going too over!🤔




Also finished a Oilers throwback for them. Sorry that I have finish something in this striping before, not something creative here, but since they have such a great color scheme I think the cleaner the better. Thanks for reading!! 

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12 hours ago, builtbymachines said:

Can we get a collage of all these when it's all finished somehow? I was upset you weren't posting for a while but you came back and didn't skip a beat!

Sure!! When I started this concept I had no idea how many teams I could finish, but now I think I will finish all the 32 teams! Thanks for the support and after that I will manage to get a collage:D

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Happy new year everyone! The Broncos here! 

For the Broncos I decided to use the classic rainbow uniform of the Nuggets from the same city. For the color scheme, I still prefer royal blue than navy, so decided to stick to it. And here I used the font from their old wordmark.







Thanks for reading!!

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I'm really a big big fan of the Chiefs uniform, thinking it has a great color balance and I can see many beautiful matchups with it. 





So here's my concept. Didn't change much about the striping, tried to make it clean and classic. However I don't want to use the block font here so use their wordmark logo's font as their number font. Enjoy! C&C is always appreciated!

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