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Confused twenty-something redesigns an entire soccer league (3/23) Chicago


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Hey guys, remember me? No? Oh well. I actually made these a year or two ago, and just never got around to posting them. Nowarrow-10x10.png I am back from my hiatus and am ready to post some kicky-sphere concepts. (This is actually an MLS redesign but don't tell anyone)


Onto the first team, Atlanta Unitedarrow-10x10.png FC



For the primary, I basically took their current homearrow-10x10.png and made it stripier, because Adidas needs to lose their shameless plugs (3 stripes on the front of the jersey

Editors Note: It's really hard to write about changes after not writing about changes

For the clash, I felt like we didn't need two sets of stripes, so I tried something different (I may go back and edit the sash because I don't like how it is nowarrow-10x10.png, I just took these and posted them.)


Anyways, this was I actually believe my first or second attempt at a soccer jersey, so obviously it's gonna be rough, I'll grow over time.


Philly or Chicago next!

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7 hours ago, Zeus89725 said:

Not bad designs! I think the template is a little odd, especially the small pants. You're right that it's a little rough, but it's a great job for your first design.


7 hours ago, Griffinmarlins said:

As an Atlanta fan, I like the gold jersey. Would be a nice third kit eventually. As for the home, there's way too many stripes. Atlanta United is nicknamed the Five-Stripes for a reason. 

Thanks for the feedback, nice to hear from people that know what actual soccer designs look like


On to the next team, the Philadelphia Union.


First, I changed the crest to just the snake, as the resolution was really bad on my screen so i left it. I may add 13 stars around it to spice it up later, I made this two years once again. On the clash, it’s a powder blue kit with a subliminal version of the crest behind it. Once again, I was not very good at designing back then, but i‘m just posting these because they were done, and I needed something to post.


Both updated either tonight or tomorrow, and then Chicago is up next.

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Chicago is here and we have a jersey I made recently!



The home jersey symbolizes the flag and heritage of Chicago, while the clash is a model of the uniforms of the Chicago Fire Department, for which the team was named for.


C&C appreciated and tell me who I should do next!

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