Opinion: Too many teams with red and blue

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As far as MLB I feel like the amount of red and blue teams evolved organically over such a long period of time that I can live with it. As a counterpoint I would HATE for any team to drop red and blue ONLY for the sake of creating more variety. Future teams and future rebrands should be more cognizant of the amount of red and blue already in existence but let's not change the past just because we're noticing too much red and blue in the present day.

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5 hours ago, plobrien said:

Here's every MLB team color I would change:

Royals - More Gold

Indians - With them getting rid of the Indian logo, I'd probably change the name and color scheme at this point but idk what to

Braves - Just darken the shade of blue like their alternates

Phillies - Maroon and White, no Powder Blue

Padres - Brown and Yellow, no Orange

Rays - Go back to Dark Green and devil ray mascot, but keep the name Rays

Marlins - Dolphins color scheme, or at least make the Dolphins Orange the main color

Brewers - Darken the Gold, like the Saints color rush jerseys

Reds - No more Black

Diamondbacks - Back to Purple and Green


If Montreal gets the Expos back they'll be Red and Blue. If Portland gets a team I hope they go with Green and dark gold, like the Timbers.


The Royals makese sense, given the degree to which they look like the Dodgers, but I really like the blue and white Royals.  I hope they don't focus more on gold, but if they do I can't complain.


I'd love for the Phillies to go maroon and powder.  But I hate when people tell me the Twins should change...the Phillies are a red team with the exception of a very non-traditional (across much of MLB) era.  They should probably stay red but maroon and powder would be great.


Orange and brown worked so, so well, particularly against the gray background of the road jersey.  But either way, Padres, do SOMETHING.  Brown/orange, bown/yellow, brown/powder, just brown, or even blue/yellow (like the temporary home uniform a couple of years ago)


I like where the Rays are with color, but I agree with dumping the ray of light and sticking to the sea creature.


Reds should definitely drop black.


Brewers need to chuck this whole soul-less color scheme and go blue and yellow or even the 1990s era that included green.


I'll add:

Twins: Dump the gold.  It's not working.  Giants too.


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On 5/7/2018 at 5:01 AM, NicDB said:

Realistically, it depends on the locale.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have a Brooklyn Dodgers team that would have chosen to move to the other coast rather than one borough over to Queens.

In Atlanta's case, the ITP-OTP rivalry is real, and the Braves decision to move outside of the perimeter made a statement whether they wanted to or not.  Knowing what I do about Georgia, having lived there for a bit, it's very likely the people attending Braves games in their new stadium aren't Falcons or Hawks fans.  It's more likely that they follow the Bulldogs, if anything.

Well, l live about ten miles from SunTrust and I wish they would go back to Turner Field. What a mess?

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On ‎5‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 2:32 PM, MJWalker45 said:

Baseball had this happen as a result of World War 2. Almost everyone switched over to red, white and blue during the war and some stayed with it instead of reverting back to their original colors. 


This is totally untrue.


Do as I did, and look at each team's uniforms during that era in this classic refererence book:





There were no changes as a result of WWII especially in regards to US participation in the war. 


About the closest thing to your statement is that the Phillies and Braves wore blue and gold for 1938 ONLY, then went back to their traditional colors of red and blue in 1939-- three years before the US entered the war.




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There are too many pro sports teams (especially MLB) that wear navy and red, but there aren't as many that wear royal and red, and that's a shame, because I think royal and red usually looks better.

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I definitely agree that red/blue is overused. Yes, it looks nice. But it's far from the only color combination that looks nice. And it looks less nice when it's so overexposed.

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