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Degenerate Gamblers Celebrate


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FOX to debut a betting app later this year.



In the boldest step taken by a U.S. media company in the sports gambling space, Fox Sports will unveil an app this fall that will allow some domestic consumers to place wagers on sporting events. The move to launch Fox Bet comes as part of a wide-ranging deal Fox signed with The Stars Group that was announced after the market closed today. The plan is to launch two betting products under the Fox Bet umbrella. One is a nationwide free-to-play game that awards cash prizes to people who correctly predict the outcomes of games. The other gives an opportunity to place real money wagers on sporting events in states with legalized gambling.


“There'll be certain places, like our FS1 show ‘Lock It In,’ where it's going to be tightly integrated,” said Fox Sports CEO & Exec Producer Eric Shanks. “Probably on some of our radio shows that are on television, more tightly integrated. You will see integrations in our pregame shows, but sitting here today, just announcing this deal, we still have a lot of work to do to say exactly how all of that's going to be.”




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For the first time -- and just one year after a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court -- more money was bet at New Jersey sportsbooks than at Nevada books in a month.


In May, New Jersey books took $318.9 million in bets, just ahead of Nevada books, which accepted $317.4 million in wagers during the month, according to revenue numbers released Thursday by state gaming control.


New Jersey has quickly separated itself from the newcomers and has taken more than $3 billion in wagers in its first full year operating.


While New Jersey came out on top in May, the impact of expanded sports betting has not hurt Nevada's sportsbooks. Nevada books eclipsed $5 billion in wagers for the first time in 2018 and are on pace for another record-breaking year in 2019.

More: https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/27067640/nj-tops-nevada-bets-month-1st


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As the NFL season begins, there are 13 states with some sort of sports betting (on-site, mobile, or both).


20+ states have some sports betting legislation pending. 


And soon enough, if you are in a state where it is legal, you will be able to place a bet at a Buffalo Wild Wings, as they have a partnership with MGM for a fantasy game which will become a betting window. 



Expect MGM odds to appear in restaurants located in states were sports betting is legal and, sometime in the near future, expect Buffalo Wild Wings to encourage its customers in legal states — it’s currently legal in 18 states, operational in 13 and mobile in seven — to download the BetMGM app while inside the restaurant. The program promises perks to the bettor, such as offering better odds and free bets, for making bets inside BWW.


“The traditional sportsbook has been reinvented,” said Adam Greenblatt, CEO of Roar Digital, a New Jersey-based venture owned by MGM and GVC Holdings. “The sportsbook is now in your pocket on your mobile phone. It’s more powerful for us because we own our own technology and create an end-to-end product, which means we can easily offer better value and customize an experience.


As opposed to one-off cash kiosks, mobile sign-up also creates a database, which means that, in states that currently don’t have legalized sports betting, the free-to-play model will create a meaningful customer base ahead of nationwide betting.

The sports betting test program will begin inside restaurants in New Jersey, which saw more than $3 billion bet in the first 12 months of legalization and is the second most lucrative sports betting state after Nevada.



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