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After the original thread that I had this on got locked, I decided to give this another try.  This is an MLB expansion team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that I have had in my head since I was 9.  They play in the AL West.  The idea has always had a cactus in mind for the fact that it is mainly desert in New Mexico.  At one point, the colors would have been the colors of New Mexico's flag, which are red and yellow, but this was eventually scrapped.  The colors for this is Cactus Green, Sand Orange, and Maroon  The cactus is also the mascot, known as the Albuquerque Amigo.  I played around on MS Paint recently and built up my skills.  For one, I added maroon as one of the teams colors.  I also fixed up certain parts of the logo, like how the baseball bat was off center and certain parts of lines extending a little bit.  I also made a second variation of the logo with legs, but I think this one is better.  Here is the new logo:


With the uniforms, I added an insert so that you could see details on the hat.  I also added text on the jersey.  On the home jersey, ABQ represents Albuquerque's airport and is an abbreviation for Albuquerque.  The text on the away jersey is pretty explanatory.  I used the font Blackadder ITC for the text.  Here are the home and away uniforms.



C&C appreciated.

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While i think the logo has a nice idea, the jerseys are not that good.


The font is way too fantasy-like to be a desert theme, and while I get that you are using Paint, that is no excuse to have pixelation (Download a free vector program like Inkscape to avoid this). Also, you probably shouldn't have used that logo on the cap as many MLB teams usually use something else. 


In addition, you should probably shift the ABQ to the left side on the home jersey and put a number on the right, and on the away, the text is way too long (it stretches onto the arm) and there should be a number under the text.


Here's a mockup of something you could have done:




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This just isn’t that good. The logo is poorly made, and while the idea is good, it is extremely poorly executed. It doesn’t come off a 3D (if you intend it that way). Looks very pixelated and isn’t visually appealing.


I had to squint to tell what the uniforms said. And do you watch baseball? No team has uniforms like this. Nothing like this...

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