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My Fantasy Football Team's Uniforms...


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just to be safe, i said "don't click if VERY easily offended..."

it's not really that offensive :) just wanted to be safe

anyway, here's my fantasy football uniforms (completely pointless, but fun to make... all my league at ESPN needs is the logo, but i made uniforms too)

they're very very simple, but i like them that way. the logo isn't the greatest, but i think it serves it's purpose well enough...

now i present to you all, the Murmansk Fightin' Jesuses.




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Absolutley hilarouis :D:D:D . Are you planning on hiring the Buddy christ from Dogma as your official sideline mascot??

he's too friendly :) we're not the thumbsup-giving jesuses... we're the murmansk FIGHTIN' jesuses.

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Cole, I do believe you're going to Hell :P

Seriously, nice job, it sort of reminds me of Brown's uniform scheme. While I'm not militantly opposed to brown (like our buddy ICS), I'm not totally crazy about the color either, but I'll give you a pass because it works well with the overall design...

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yeah, i decided to make a uniform with my 2 favorite colors... regardless of how well they work together :)

my favorite color is red, and a close second is brown... so i figured i'd be original and mix my 2 favorites into 1 color scheme.. after all, it's just fantasy football, so no one can complain too much. not like i'm ruining their favorite team :)

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Jesus loved me, this I knew

Before I named my team the "Fightin' Jesuses," dude

Now He's mad and St. Peter ain't lettin' me in

Guess I'm gonna have to become best friends with Satan

...yeah, it's a stretch, but I'm not the one with the angry Jesus for a logo. :D

Actually, I'm just playin'. I like the logo and He's probably having a good laugh about it. The colour scheme might be a little stumbling block, but whatever's good for you works, I guess.

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