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College Football 2018-19: Santa Clara is that a way.


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Just now, Wings said:


I could see Dabo replacing Saban at Bama if or when he retires. 

I'd hate to see that, but if home calls I think he'd go. If he didn't, Alabama might go back to the dark ages because I can't see any other Saban acolyte that could do that job. Not even Jimbo.

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1 hour ago, See Red said:


Has anybody actually fired a coach for not beating Saban?


Half the SEC West.  Most of the SEC East that actually cares about football enough to worry about this.

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Final AP Poll out. 


Very proud of my undergraduate alma mater's Fighting Tigers, who are ranked #6, after most of the pundits at the beginning of the season had them going 6-6.

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
T7. Florida
T7. Georgia
9. Texas
10. Washington State
11. UCF
12. Kentucky
13. Washington
14. Michigan
15. Syracuse
16. Texas A&M
17. Penn State
18. Fresno State
19. Army
20. West Virginia
21. Northwestern
22. Utah State
23. Boise State
24. Cincinnati
25. Iowa

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20 minutes ago, AstroBull21 said:

Guess we can use this until the new season starts, but sounds like bowl affiliations are in flux for the 2020-21 bowl season




Like the artice says I do remember talk of the Pac12 & SEC possibly getting together once the Las Vegas Bowl moves from Sam Boyd to the new Raiders stadium. 

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