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MLB: The Defunct Saga - Bibliography Added


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Also, here are some fun videos that I highlighted throughout the thread or are fun peaks into the Defunct Saga's events.


The Milwaukee PBS documentary on the Milwaukee Braves:



 A feature on Robert F. Garratt's Home Team:



The Senators MK II's terrible run, as documented by an angry Yinzer:



The first part of Secret Base's Mariners documentary, covering the Pilots and early days of the Mariners:



A local news segment on the opening of Tropicana Field (then the Florida Suncoast Dome):



A radio broadcast of the voting process for New Comiskey in 1988:



A 1991 feature on the 1993 expansion process:



 Gaming Historian's "Foreign Owned: Nintendo & The Seattle Mariners" (a reupload because MLB copyright striked the original):



The 60 Minutes segment "Field of Dreams," regarding the Giants' near-relocation to Tampa Bay:



MLB Network's official Montréal Expos documentary:




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BIBLIOGRAPHY, PT. II - The complete source list


Here is my bibliography in its entirety.




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  • SFGiants58 changed the title to MLB: The Defunct Saga - Bibliography Added

Wow, I've been lurking this thread for over a year now, and seeing it complete is bittersweet to say the least. This has been one of the most interesting pieces of internet content I've ever seen, not just sports related, and ideally that's an indicator of some quality and not just what fascinates me. You did an absolutely fantastic job on this, and I'm super thankful you put all of this time and effort into something that's activated my neurons this much.


My only suggestion is that you upload all of the final image sheets to one or a series of image albums I could look at separately from the thread. While I really appreciate all of the effort you took in describing your research, your concepts, and in your replies to other users, I'd love to just be able to scroll through the near-endless pieces of art you made, and ogle at them until my eyes hurt.


Regardless, I'm honored to be part of this community and to have you provide this opus for free. I'm probably going to be returning to this thread every 6 months or so just to read everything your wrote and see everything you made. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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