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A Teal Treat: Marlins Throw Back to 1993 This Weekend

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I will repeat here what I mentioned when this event was announced: the Marlins should be doing this against the Rockies.

Other people replied that the teams don't have a rivalry.  That is true.  But the two teams being expansion cousins is enough to make the Rockies the natural opponents for this promotion. 


A glance at the schedule reveals that the Rockies' only visit to Miami this year was for the season-opening series.  That would have been great; the Marlins could have worn the throwbacks in the second and third games of that series.

I also don't dig it when only one team wears throwbacks.  I don't say that the two teams have to be throwing back to the same year; but both teams should always be involved.

Anyway, despite those complaints, I still like that the Marlins are doing this, because their first uniforms were their best ones. Maybe it will create a groundswell for teal, and thus give Jeter an incentive to do something that pleases the fans and doesn't cost anything.

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