Does your significant other share your love of sports?

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On 6/11/2018 at 10:56 AM, JimmyN64 said:

My wife is definitely at least on par with my love of sports and even appreciates the aesthetics of sports design!  She grew up a huge baseball and hockey fan, even finding ways to listen to or watch every Royals game in the Boston market before MLB.TV was a thing.  Whenever we travel we make sure to have some sporting event involved in our trip whenever possible, most recently going to see both the Cubs and White Sox while we were in Chicago last summer.


She's even a member of these boards, although she doesn't really visit anymore.

Ahhh, we' re oddly similar?! Wife grew up in New Bedford, MA, Yankee fan (God help us!) I grew up in northeast Missouri, Cards fan of course!! My wife looks at this site maybe twice a year?!!!! Maybe slightly more if she catches a Pats' logo!!!!

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What's a significant other?


I kid; hopefully my future SO will enjoy sports like I do.

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She tolerates my sports fandom, but wouldn't watch or attend anything on her own.


As far as it goes, she's an absolute champion. She's responsible for taking me to my first MLB game (Cubs @ Phillies in 2009, when she was interning in Philadelphia for the summer and I came to visit), my first Braves game (during Chipper's farewell tour in 2012), and - best of all - the only time I've ever been to San Francisco to watch a 49ers game, in the final season at Candlestick. The last two were birthday presents.


We go to Winthrop basketball games (home & away) and minor league baseball games fairly regularly, as well as an away 49ers game usually every year. She enjoys the experience and/or the travel far more than the actual game.


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