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2018 CFL Season: The March for 106


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16 hours ago, Mac the Knife said:

Caught an image of it...


I’m not certain because I really don’t remember seeing that there when I went. Sorry. 


It it almost looks like someone needs to clean the posts. Lol. 


Youre right. They don’t use netting. I think that’s A CFL thing ‘cause Hamilton doesn’t either (and balls always go into the beer garden in the south end there). 


Do do what I do; when Toronto’s out just root for Calgary. :)

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6 hours ago, DiePerske said:

Hamilton is a huge rival of Toronto, and Ottawa is same division.


Leaves Edmonton as the only choice. However, if you factor in the controversy around their use of the name Eskimos, that also might be an issue for you.


I guess my order of preference is Toronto > Montreal > Ottawa > Hamilton > Edmonton > Calgary > Winnipeg > Saskatchewan > B.C.  But I don't dislike any team in the league.  I have no CFL equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys that I specifically check to see "Did they lose?"  If any particular team makes the playoffs, or doesn't make it, I don't get all that worked up either way.  I was pulling for Hamilton in last night's late game (I watched the entire tripleheader, for the second week in a row), but when BC came back?  I was riveted because of the comeback, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

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Okay... make your playoff predictions, folks...


Divisional Semifinal Round:

Hamilton over British Columbia

Saskatchewan over Winnipeg


Divisional Championship Round:

Ottawa over Hamilton

Saskatchewan over Calgary


Grey Cup:

Ottawa over Saskatchewan


Would I bet on any of these outcomes though?  Aw, Hell nah.

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2 hours ago, walby2 said:


Hamilton beats BC

Winnipeg beats Saskatchewan



Ottawa beats Hamilton

Calgary beats Winnipeg


Grey Cup:

Ottawa beats Calgary


It'll be the third season in a row where a mid-tier team from the east takes it.

I agree with you on all fronts except the Grey Cup final. Calgary's too good. (famous last words, lol). 

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On 11/12/2018 at 11:36 AM, monkeypower said:

Just based on how the season ended, I don’t have a kot of confidence in the Stamps next weekend.

A part of me wants to see them go to the Grey Cup only to lose again.

A part of me wants to see them get whacked by Winnipeg.

No part of me wants to see them win the Grey Cup this year.  Only because they're expected by many to win it.

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