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NBA Literal Jersey Series


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Hey all!


Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally.


I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams:


Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot



Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net.



New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants.





More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea!


Template credit to therealpepman

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Following the previous three are the last two in the Atlantic Division:


Philadelphia 76ers: Since a 76er is not a literal thing/person, I used a colonial 18th century suit design, similar to that on the dribbling Ben Franklin logo.a3sYLtY.gif


Toronto Raptors: Self-explanatory


CC and comments are welcome!


Next Up: Central Division

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Decided to finish up today (with work during the week eating up more time) with two more unique ones from the Central Division:


Chicago Bulls: Red bull fur texturing, but featuring the wordmarks, logos, and numbering as "branded on". I also added an optional/extension headband, where the headband literally has bull horns on it, adding more to the gimmick.



Cleveland Cavaliers: A yellow cavalier uniform with a holster for a sword (down the side of one pant leg)



The rest of the Central soon to come...

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 I’m interested to see how you’re going to tackle the Thunder, Mavericks, and the Lakers abstract concepts. Bonus points if you can portray thunder without lightning. 

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Added is the rest of the Central Division:


Detroit Pistons: A literal Piston, because a car isn't literal enough...



Indiana Pacers: Instead of going with a pace car, I went with the checkered flag design since a Pacer isn't a literal thing.



Milwaukee Bucks: Deer fur. Unlike the Bulls, antlers are a bit too large to fit on a headband unfortunately... :(



Added Bonus: A freebie from the Southwest Division, since I accidentally made it out of order...


Orlando Magic: Who doesn't love a good magician (featuring a fun jacket design and cape)!





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When I first opened this up on my browser I saw only the top half of the Pistons and thought "that's pretty neat". And then I scrolled down to see the circle on the shorts and about spit my pop on my screen. Fantastic. This whole series has been fantastic.

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