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2019 Copa America


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10 hours ago, zigbazah said:

Hard to believe that Brazil hasn't hosted since the 80s, and only twice in 70 years. 

So Argentina is like the USA as far as Gold Cup hosting? I'm guessing they thought they'd make more money playing there, since that's the only reason the Gold Cup doesn't rotate. I'm surprised Peru has hosted more than Brazil. I also didn't realize that from 1975-1983 they simply played a home and away throughout the year instead of blocking off a month. 


This will also be the last time Copa America comes the year prior to the Euros. The 2024 edition, in Ecuador, will be played at the same time as the Euros. I'm guessing the idea is to ensure that both UEFA and CONMEBOL show off their top teams at the same time, even though they aren't playing each other. 

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