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NBA Expansion Concepts - Team #2 - Louisville Colonels


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13 hours ago, JakeMetivier78 said:

Great work. Love the colors and especially the 2 tone used in the uniforms.


9 hours ago, HecEdHooligan said:

Gotta say, all 3 of these are awesome


8 minutes ago, Pengin. said:

jerseys look way better without the black outline. good job


Thanks guys! It think I've gotten to a point on Louisville where I am ready for some critique. Here it is:




The Logos

The Louisville Colonels identity is meant to be a modern rebirth of the ABA Kentucky Colonels. That is where the vibrant red and blue colors come from.


The main logo is a red basketball with a white mustache and beard, and a blue hat; the goal is for the basketball to look like a colonel. The alternate logo is an interlocking LC for Louisville Colonels.




Association and Icon Uniforms

The side-striping is inspired by the uniforms from the OG ABA Colonels.


The homes use a blue stripe with a red outline, which is the same for the "Colonels" wordmark. The roads are blue with a white wordmark and a red stripe, each outlined by their respective colors.




Statement and City Edition Uniforms

Louisville's blue/red/white color scheme doesn't give a ton of options for alternates, but I think these two work well.


The white uniform is the "City Edition" one. Instead of saying "Louisville" or "Colonels" it says "The Ville." The red uniforms is just a red version of the road uniform.





For Louisville I wanted to try and make a court without a colored apron. The main logo is center court, and the lanes are colored red with all the court lines being blue. The KFC Yum! Center is where the Louisville University currently plays.


C&C encouraged and appreciated!

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Here we have a great logo. Looking with attention, I'd lower the top of the hat a little bit. But is very creative indeed. I'm not into those colours. I'd reduce the saturation for both blue and red in the entire concept.


The uniforms are nice, and fixing the colours will give a new breath to this. A minor point. You have "Statement & City Edition" in the footer of your image, but they're misplaced, you have City uniform in the right. Also, I don't feel the Statement jersey. It looks too plain to me. Is just a recolor. "Statement" collection by Nike has a point in making "innovative" jerseys. A different logo or a different colour, or something that deviates in any form from the usual, or a retro jersey.


The court is evolving, and the use of logos is very good, but these aren't the lines of the NBA, as far as I know. I suggest you to give a look in Kodrinsky's courts, and depending on what software you're using, maybe consider a new template for next ones. 

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Seattle and Louisville have almost the exact same striping, just in different colors. I'd try something different from Louisville. The logo is a good idea but I'd look at the current NBA logos for inspiration on better shading and vectoring. 

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I like the idea of the logo, but execution-wise it’s just not there yet.  The hat is way too small and does not fit onto that basketball at all.  The sideburn looks out of place because there’s no other hair to speak of. It almost looks like a tiny arm coming down alongside the facial hair. If you need a good reference logo to compare with, I would suggest the Eastern Kentucky Colonels logo.

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I was originally going to write this: "This seems to me like its only inspiration is from KFC's Colonel Sanders.  An actual Colonel is a rank in the US army-maybe represent that.  Considering it's in Kentucky and there's a KFC logo on the court, it's not surprising, but this concept would stink anywhere else in the country.  That's not to say it's a bad concept in a vacuum, but it feels more like a corporate advertisement than an NBA team."

Just before I hit "Submit Reply" I remembered that previous comments in this thread mentioned the NCAA's Eastern Kentucky Colonels and the ABA's Kentucky Colonels.  I looked up Eastern Kentucky, and found that their logo has the same style of white hair peeking out under a cowboy hat.  So I figured, "Well, surely this actual, real college didn't just rip off KFC."  After some more research, I discovered that both teams drew their inspiration from the Kentucky colonel, an honorable title bestowed on honorable Kentucky citizens (Kentuckians?).  The original Kentucky colonels had nothing to do with the army rank.  And guess who was a Kentucky colonel?  Colonel Sanders, the guy who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.  So that's where that interpretation of the name "Colonel" comes from.

I'm guessing that when you came up with the concept, you were just referencing Colonel Sanders and the old ABA team.  Although that's cool, I think it would be cooler to make it into a historical reference.  I think that keeping the logo would be fine, but removing the KFC logo from the court would make it seem less like an advertisement.  Also, I'd consider changing the name from "Louisville" to "Kentucky" to make the historical reference stand out further.  Considering that the group it's named after is the Kentucky Colonels, naming the team Louisville takes away from that-it would be like renaming the Texas Rangers (real law-enforcement group) the Dallas Rangers or the New Jersey Devils (Local urban legend) the Newark Devils-it makes the reference much less direct.

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There's no roundel! How am I supposed to know it's a basketball team club?? Jokes aside, your ideas are very sound. I think the colonels color scheme should be tweaked so it doesn't vibrate so much (may I suggest a slightly darker blue and a slightly lighter red?) and seattle looks great!

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I'd adjust the kerning between the letters so that the "I" in REIGN is in the exact center of the logo. Or you could make the RE and GN the same width so that the I naturally falls in the center. That would also position the "I" directly under the base of the Space Needle. It's one of those things where it's so close to being in the center already that you might as well make it perfectly symmetrical to be pleasing to the eye.

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