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2018 NFL Season


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10 hours ago, Still MIGHTY said:

Still I always like watching even a bit of the Hall of Fame game because FUHBAWL IZ BACH, but yeah I had zero idea that that was yesterday.


I always try to watch a little bit of the HOF game too, but I didn't know it was on until my GF told me. Some sports podcast hosts we are, eh? 

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On 8/2/2018 at 2:05 PM, McCarthy said:

This season is breaking last season's record, which broke the previous season's record, which broke the previous season's record, for least excited I've ever been for an upcoming NFL season. 


The anthem issue couldn't have been handled any worse. The only thing handled worse than the anthem stuff are the new tackling rules. The new tackling rules are going to be a complete :censored:ing mess, called with zero consistency play-to-play, game-to-game, or team-to-team, and we're all going to hate it. Did you read about how the teams have been given presentations from the officials on what to expect? The players are more confused than they were before the demonstration and the officials really have no idea what is and isn't a penalty or how to call the new rule. It's going to be a :censored:ing disaster. They finally fixed the dumb AF catch rule only to turn around and make the tackling version of the catch rule. Nobody was asking for it, it won't actually help player safety, it'll affect way more plays than the catch rule, and requires even more speedy subjective, judgment call officiating. At least you could review the catch rule.  Also keep an eye on who leads the league in fewest illegal hit penalties for their defense and who draws the most flags while on offense. I bet you at the end of the year the answer rhymes with :censored:tttspurgh peelers or boo shmengland shmatriots.


I'm basically done. If you went up to 15 Year Old Me and said "in fifteen years 30 Year Old You is not only not going to care about what happens on the field, but you'll also actively loathe the sport" you would have shocked me to my core. 

Don't forget about the Lean Hay Snackers.

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18 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

Totally forgot too. NBC didn't do a good job promoting it. 

NBC still won the broadcast night doing basically nothing.


As a 40 year old, I'm trying to ween myself of most football, but to much of America the NFL is still KING by a huge margin.

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7 hours ago, dfwabel said:

NBC still won the broadcast night doing basically nothing.


As a 40 year old, I'm trying to ween myself of most football, but to much of America the NFL is still KING by a huge margin.

It will be for a long time, still. Rule changes and other things will not help out the NFL in the long run, but in its defense, it had nowhere to go but down.

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NFL Picks..............might as well get them out of the way.





1. New England

2. Buffalo

3. Miami

4. N.Y. Jets

Comment: Bills, Fins & Jets are all pretty much the same................they suck. 



1. Pittsburgh

2. Baltimore

3. Cleveland

4. Cincinnati

Comment: Marvin Lewis is FINALLY FIRED after the season..................for finishing below the Browns. 



1. Houston

2. Jacksonville

3. Tennessee

4. Indianapolis

Comment: Poor Andrew Luck..................gets hurt again. 



1. L.A. Chargers

2. Kansas City

3. Denver

4. Oakland

Comment: Jon Gruden is the most overrated............................human on earth. 



1. New England (Who the !@#$%& else!!!)

2. Houston

3. L.A. Chargers

4. Pittsburgh

5. Jacksonville

6. Tennessee






1. Philadelphia

2. Washington

3. Dallas

4. N.Y. Giants

Comment: Watching the Cowboys find ways to mess things up.........................is always fun. 



1. Minnesota

2. Green Bay

3. Detroit

4. Chicago

Comment: Packers are slightly better.......................and still miss the playoffs. 



1. Carolina

2. New Orleans

3. Atlanta

4. Tampa Bay

Comment: Bucs are a dumpster fire.......................deservedly so.



1. Seattle

2. L.A. Rams

3. San Francisco

4. Arizona

Comment: Rams fall back to earth a bit while Seahawks make one last valiant run..........................only to lose in the first round. 



1. Philadelphia

2. Minnesota

3. Carolina

4. Seattle

5. New Orleans

6. L.A. Rams



AFC Wild Card Playoffs

Tennessee over L.A. Chargers (THEY BLOW IT AS USUAL!!!)

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville (BLOODY REVENGE!!!)


NFC Wild Card Playoffs

Carolina over L.A. Rams

New Orleans over Seattle


AFC Divisional Playoffs

New England over Tennessee

Houston over Pittsburgh


NFC Divisional Playoffs

New Orleans over Philadelphia (NO REPEAT!!!)

Minnesota over Carolina


AFC Championship

Houston over New England (TEXANS SLAY THE DRAGON FOR GOOD!!!.............SIKE!!!!..................New England over Houston)


NFC Championship

New Orleans over Minnesota (BLOODY REVENGE PART 2!!!)


Super Bowl LIII (That's 53 for us dumb folk)

New England over New Orleans.......................................Brady & Belichick retire as the greatest winners in all of super infinity.









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My Turn



1. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 (they take a step back this year)

2. Baltimore Ravens 9-7

3. Cleveland Browns 5-11 (woohoo, they won 5 games!)

4. Cincinnati Bengals 3-13 (Marvin Lewis is fired after a home loss to the Browns)



1. Jacksonville Jaguars 13-3 (they only got better this year tbh)

2. Houston Texans 11-5 (they avoid the injury bug this year)

3. Tennessee Titans 8-8 (not a big fan of Mike Vrabel)

4. Indianapolis Colts 4-12 



1. New England Patriots 13-3 (who else)

2. Buffalo Bills 5-11 (the rest of the AFC East is even worse)

3. New York Jets 4-12

4. Miami Dolphins 3-13 (they get swept by the god dang Jets)



1. Oakland Raiders 10-6 (Jon Gruden maybe a bit rusty, but he is still a top tier head coach) (Oakland 

2. Denver Broncos 10-6 (I think Vance Joseph will have a turn around year, and adding Case Keenum helps, too)

3. Los Angeles Chargers 8-8 (they have a much tougher schedule this year)

4. Kansas City Chiefs 8-8 (first to worst, even though they only fall by 2 games)



1. Green Bay Packers 14-2 (a bit biased here lol)

2. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 (They have a much tougher schedule, and Aaron Rodgers will be spectacular this year)

3. Detroit Lions 6-10 (not trusting Matt Patricia that much by himself)

4. Chicago Bears 5-11 (sorry, Bears fans)



1. New Orleans Saints 11-5

2. Atlanta Falcons 9-7 (they have an old roster)

3. Carolina Panthers 9-7 (they have a down year like 2016 and 2014)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14 (they are just garbage and Jameis Winston is a bust)



1. Philadelphia Eagles 13-3 (still a top 5 team this year, especially with Carson Wentz)

2. Dallas Cowboys 10-6 (wow, they make the playoffs)

3. New York Giants 8-8 (Saquon Barkley and Odell carry the team to a .500 record)

4. Washington Redskins 4-12 (Alex Smith just doesn't fit in with the rest of the team)



1. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 (they might be the most complete team in the NFL)

2. San Francisco 49ers 8-8 (Jimmy Garrapolo's first year as a starter won't be too bad)

3. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 (Russell Wilson is a one-man band in Seattle)

4. Arizona Cardinals 4-12 (Josh Rosen is the worst QB in the first round IMO, and Sam Bradford always gets hurt. Not to mention David Johnson will be off this year)



1. Jacksonville Jaguars 13-3 (they beat New England week 2)

2. New England Patriots 13-3

3. Oakland Raiders 10-6 (I'm not sure why they beat the Broncos for the Division, but that's how it went on the website i used)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6

5. Houston Texans 11-5

6. Denver Broncos 10-6



1. Green Bay Packers 14-2

2. Philadelphia Eagles 13-3

3. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 (the NFC is so stacked that 12 wins won't get you into a first round bye)

4. New Orleans Saints 11-5 

5. Dallas Cowboys 10-6 (wow)

6. Minnesota Vikings 10-6
















Jaguars vs PackersW(28-24)



(coming from a kinda-biased Packers Fan)


Site I used: https://playoffpredictors.com/


Post-season bracket for '2018 - 2019 NFL Season'

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wrong superbowl lol
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9 hours ago, Tracy Jordan said:


I'd rather listen to T.O. rant for 40 minutes than to hear 30 seconds of Ray Lewis quoting bible verses.






Yeah, it felt more like Saturday NIght Revival than the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony.  It almost felt like I was watching TBN or one of those other shyster religious networks.


I thought all of the speeches were just fine for the most part, although Jerry Kramer and Brian Dawkins were probably the best of the night, in my opinion.  I've always liked Dawk, and my respect for the man grew even more than after hearing his story...just hope he continues on the right path with his life.  I've seen Kramer in interviews/panels over the years, and he's always been a good storyteller, and certainly didn't disappoint.  Hell, I probably laughed more through Kramer's speech than Ray Lewis', but that's for different reasons.

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Why not throw my hat into the ring?



3) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)

7) Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

11) Cincinnati Bengals (6-10)

16) Cleveland Browns (3-13)


1) Jacksonville Jaguars (13-3)

5) Tennessee Titans (11-5)

6) Houston Texans (9-7)

15) Indianapolis Colts (5-11)


2) New England Patriots (13-3)

10) New York Jets (7-9)

13) Buffalo Bills (6-10)

14) Miami Dolphins (5-11)


4) Los Angeles Chargers (8-8)

8) Kansas City Chiefs (8-8)

9) Denver Broncos (7-9)

12) Oakland Raiders (6-10)


2) Minnesota Vikings (11-5)

5) Green Bay Packers (10-6)

13) Detroit Lions (7-9)

16) Chicago Bears (3-13)


3) New Orleans Saints (10-6)

7) Carolina Panthers (9-7)

8) Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)


1) Philadelphia Eagles (12-4)

9) Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

11) Washington Redskins (8-8)

15) New York Giants (4-12)


4) Los Angeles Rams (10-6)

6) San Francisco 49ers (10-6)
Seattle Seahawks (8-8)

14) Arizona Cardinals (5-11)



Wild Card

A5) TEN def. A4) LAC

A6) HOU def. A3) PIT

N4) LAR def. N5) GB

N3) NO def. N6) SF

Divisional Round

A2) NE def. A5) TEN

A1) JAX def. A6) HOU

N2) MIN def. N3) NO

N1) PHI def. N4) LAR

Conference Championship

*monotone voice* The New England Patriots defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday, bringing them to another Super Bowl... HAHAHA PRANKED A1) JAX def. A2) NE

N1) PHI def. N2) MIN

A1) JAX def. A1) PHI

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4 hours ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:



1. Green Bay Packers 14-2 (a bit biased here lol)

2. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 (They have a much tougher schedule, and Aaron Rodgers will be spectacular this year)

3. Detroit Lions 6-10 (not trusting Matt Patricia that much by himself)

4. Chicago Bears 5-11 (sorry, Bears fans)






"Although the Vikings will be playing both Super Bowl teams, they don't have the most difficult schedule in the NFC North. That honor belongs to the Packers, who will be heading into 2018 with the roughest schedule in the NFL."

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1 hour ago, DNAsports said:

Browns trade Corey Coleman to Bills

With eight first-round picks between 2012-2016, now none of them are left on the Browns' roster. Woof.

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Speaking of the Brownies...the first episode of Hard Knocks aired last night.


YouTube posted the first episode on their site; if this episode is any indication on how the Browns will perform this season, Hue Jackson might be gone before the season is done.  In that coaches' meeting, Todd Haley's mentally licking his chops for Hue's job, after he basically got dressed down in the meeting.

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AFC East

New England (Why not?)

Miami (They imtprove somehow)

Jets (Barely finishing next to last)

Bills (Won't make the playoffs)

AFC North

Pittsburgh (Unless something bad happens)

Baltimore (This could be the year they may bounce back)

Cincinnati (They could be the longshot)

Cleveland (they will win a few games)

AFC South

Tennessee (They might be better)

Jacksonville (I'm not sold on this team yet)

Indianapolis (A healthy Luck could turn things around)

Houston (If Deshawn goes down, they all lose)

AFC West

Kansas City (Just barely, only to lose in the first round)

Denver (Could improve from last season)

Oakland (If Gruden is good again, they have a chance)

LA Chargers (If things don't go their way, they could finish lower than third)

NFC East

Philadelphia (If they do it all over again, they deserve it)

Dallas (They could go on a run like 2016)

Washington (Alex Smith could be a suprise addition)

NY Giants (They will be better than last year)

NFC North

Green Bay (A healthy Rogers brings the Pack back on top)

Minnesota (I'm not really sold on them either)

Chicago (They need to turn this around)

Detroit (Not quite sure)

NFC South

New Orleans (Brees isn't finished yet)

Carolina (Don't forget Cam)

Atlanta (This year they won't rise up)

Tanpa Bay (We'll see how they do)

NFC West

San Francisco (Yeah, I said it! if things go well)

Seattle (Maybe they're rejuvinated)

Arizona (Could be the sleeper team, but now they are an enigma)

Los Angeles (I'm not buying into the hype!)

Wild Card






Minnesota or Dallas

AFC Championship

New England over the next victim

If not, Pittsburgh over sombody

NFC Championship

Green Bay over Philly

Super Bowl 53

Patriots come back to win or Packers beat the Steelers.











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On 8/5/2018 at 6:51 PM, DNAsports said:

Browns trade Corey Coleman to Bills

Baylor WRs cannot run routes well.  The big seasons from Josh Gordon and Kendall Wright are outliers to the norm of all of those drafted high (Gordon, Wright, Williams, Coleman). In college they only ran four routes (Hitch, Slant, Go, Post) and a WR screen.

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Wasn't sure if this belongs in the CTE thread or here. And do we have an anti-NFL thread for this season? Anyway, forcing a player to play as a means of punishment really says something about the nature of football. Or at least preseason football.





Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson decided to punish Antonio Callaway for his traffic stop last Sunday by making him play for most of Thursday's preseason opener against the New York Giants.


"I was trying to make him play the whole game if we could," Jackson said of the rookie wide receiver. "I did not want him to come out."


The fourth-round pick out of Florida was limited in practice Sunday by a rib injury. Jackson indicated that Callaway likely suffered the injury in Thursday's game.

Jackson said Sunday he was pleased with Callaway's reaction to having to play most of Thursday's game.


"He worked through it. There were times he had his hands -- I am sure you saw it -- he had his hands on his head like this, and he was ready to go to the sideline," Jackson said. "We said, 'Uh-uh, you are back in there.' He fought through it, came out the other side of it and made some plays. That was good."


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So intentionally endangering a player, degrading the other players who are playing in the game by calling it “punishment” while they’re just trying to make the team, and publicly disclosing punitive measures. Fire that guy today. 

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