The Principality of Lisander [College Basketball Map posted]

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Lisander Basketball Superliga

First Concepts

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The Principality of Lisander is an environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Prince Johann Harmin with an even hand, and remarkable for its avant-garde cinema, pith helmet sales, and stringent health and safety legislation. The compassionate population of 10 million Lisanderians have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. The national sport is Rugby Union, although national teams of Association, American and Australian Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby League, Autosports and even Lacrosse had some international appearances.


On this topic (which I hope is not misplaced, I decided to place it under Sports Fan Fiction because it's fictional, even if it is not a league), I'll start re-posting some old (current) stuff, and would like to gather some C+C to the uniform replacements, sooner or later. I will start with national teams, a round of C+C in each sport then the new uniforms. When the cycle of national teams is over, I plan to start the national leagues. Hockey, Association Football, Basketball and Rugby are the most advanced leagues, while Volleyball and American Football are only poorly planned, with only some teams imagined.


So, we need concepts. Let's start with a map (I hope this counts as a concept). Below, Lisander. An Island in the Atlantic Ocean, between Portugal and the United States. The map itself does not represent the cities itself, but the Communes (not related to communism. Equivalent to US Counties, based on Italian Comuni). Most of the communes only have one city, but some of them like Sirenia have more than one, and some cities even may span over more than one Commune, like Casterwill. The commune marked in red is Soria, the capital of the nation. Other big cities/communes are Despina, Sirenia, Kasandora and going up north, Lerna, Alix and Grandeville also have populations over 60,000 inhabitants. Most of the people concentrate in South, due to harsh temperatures in winter. Official Language is Portuguese (just because it's easier for me to manage), but English and French are also recognized and widely spoken over the nation. There are even some Irish out there.




Soon, I'll start gathering some old concepts, previously posted on this forum, as well as stuff posted only in NationStates Forum.

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First, Hockey:

Lisander first hockey uniforms came in 2013. The home uniform is Green, and the away uniform is gold. I also added one "earn back the colours" uniform in that occasion, theoretically to be used when team dishonor the nation.




Late in 2013, when 2014 Olympic Template was unveiled, I updated it for the first time. Gold pants were thankfully dropped, and the number was moved to yoke.



The next to Lisander Hockey jerseys was in early 2017, leaving Nike to wear Adidas, and I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. The sleeve number now have a white piping, and the yoke was restricted only to a part of the shoulder.




The current version is a minor update of the design above. By reasons of size visibility (and to fit the small size of NationStates forum window), the national team dropped the golden yoke and the green sleeves for the Road Jersey. Yeah, it needs a better resolution image, and I plan this to be the first re-do of this topic.




So, do you think these ones deserve some comments and criticism?

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You have three vertical stripes on the pants in the template but the overall person template those stripes aren't on it, but saying that the vertical stripes on the pants aren't needed as it just clutters the concept.

What would the white uniform look like with black socks and pants?

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41 minutes ago, tigers said:

You have three vertical stripes on the pants in the template but the overall person template those stripes aren't on it, but saying that the vertical stripes on the pants aren't needed as it just clutters the concept.

What would the white uniform look like with black socks and pants?


Yup. The striped were dropped at the same time of the gold pants, yet in 2013. 


And yeah, I know the full-white uniform is probably the worst in the history of hockey, but since it's more theoretically than wearable, I think I'd not give black pants to it. The original "earn the colors" uniform traces its roots to 1930's, and is a story I'll write soon in the future. Probably, so it may be used with brown pants. Nice idea though. Thanks for your comment.

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I like the concept too. Very unique for the forums. I can't wait to see where it goes. :)

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Noticed it was moved to Concepts. I'm not sure why, but I should receive some message. Probably they do not think I have some kind of backstory. Okay. Association Football comes next.


This is a long, long repost, with some additions in the end, since I didn't have late uniforms made in the style of earlier ones.


The History of Lisander Football National Team Uniforms, Part 1


1904 - 1930

The foundation of National Federation in 1904 marked the beginning of organized football in the country. However, the first teams to approach the concept of national team were made up of players from various teams in nation, which faced the national champion, usually in a festive date after the end of the national championship. The shirts, in the English fashion, were white and had the arms of the Principality. There are only two of them in good condition today.



1930 - 1967

From the 1930s until the year 1967, the Lisanderian National Teams used green shirts with gold collars and cuffs. In the chest, a gold Fleur-de-Lis. During this time, the position of the Fleur-de-Lis varied because the shirts were purchased at retail and sewn. The need for a light shirt that contrasted with the dark uniform of the opponents made the team adopt a white shirt with green collar and cuffs as a second uniform.




1967 - 1974

In 1967, National Football Federation created its own symbol, which consisted in adding the initials FLF to the shield that had been used in previous shirt. The white shirts with golden sleeves were lucky, but would soon be left out, with the first apparel contract signed by Federation.



1975 - 1982

From 1975 until the 1982 World Cup, the national team wore uniforms provided by Admiral, who at that time also wore Belgium, Saudi Arabia and England. The green in these uniforms was darker than had been used before, as well as gold. These jerseys also brought a new crest.



And this completes the first of three parts of Association Football. Tomorrow, I'll have from 1983 to 2000.

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I moved it to “Concepts” because you’re not simulating anything. Until that happens (if it does), it’ll remain here.

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4 hours ago, Atomic said:

I moved it to “Concepts” because you’re not simulating anything. Until that happens (if it does), it’ll remain here.


Fair. I only plan to simulate something when I finish the cycle of national teams. I'm still thinking about doing other nations in Lisander universe.

1 hour ago, stumpygremlin said:

Love the color scheme, and I especially love the number font on the first hockey uniform. What font is that?


Pittsburgh Pirates. I was an awful designer back in 2013.

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Following with the Repost of Uniform History, we reach one of most "striking" eras in football jerseys. 80's and 90's.


1983 - 1987
In the 80s, bad results, combined with the growth of rugby made football fall in importance and number of fans. Completing the scenario,the bankruptcy of Admiral in 1982 left the team without supplier. And the bad phase did not attract other brands. A small national brand called Oxygen began to produce for the national football team. Both shirts come with highly innovative artwork for the season. In 1986, numbers were used in front for first time.



1988 - 1989

The periodicity to launch uniforms came with Hummel. The Danish company has released the first set of uniforms in 1988. Was used only in 1988 and 1989 in games against Lorenthia, Teroaz and Alice Bay. It was the first time since 1975 that the shirt back to its traditional green tone.



1990 - 1993

For the IAFF Cup in 1990, when Lisander got a heroic qualifying, but lost in the quarterfinals, Hummel created bold uniforms. The shade of green was totally new, and the shirt won a new symbol (the fifth) and white shirt was replaced by a yellow one. The federation was not pleased with the following proposal and contract with Hummel was eventually scrapped in 1992.'s Shirt was used until the following year. Later, this jersey turned into a "must" for hipsters and football aficionados in the nation.



1993 - 1997

Umbro was asked to produce the uniforms for IAFF Cup 1994. The national team lost again in the quarter-finals, but the shirts were absolute sales success. In an unprecedented tone green and bringing back the crest used in Admiral shirts, shirts followed the logic of the era as the graphics, but in a more discreet manner that Hummel. Unfortunately, with the end of the contract, Umbro has not produced any more to Lisander.



1998 - 2000

We are in 1998 and Lisander is current (1996) IAFF Champion. The National Federation signs with Nike one month before the start of 1998 IAFF Cup. This jersey gave bad luck. The team have lost 2 matches and tied 1, and were not qualified to quarterfinals. This jersey was used until summer of 2000.




In 2000, Uniforms changed again, this time for a completely green shirt, just with golden details, like the uniforms some teams for Euro 2000. This uniform was used until 2003, and won the title in 2002.



Next post is the last one in National Football Team, spanning over the last fourteen years (2004-2018).

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Discontent with Nike work (mainly catalog shirts), the FLF broke the six-year contract and knocked on the door of the rival Adidas, delivering in a silver plate the opportunity to make the special uniform for the 100th anniversary of the national team. The home shirt turned white, with 3-stripes in gold, and again the 1974 logo returned to the shirt. A survey among fans pointed to this as the most beautiful national shirt ever used.




In 2006, the partnership with the three stripes had a troubled time. After a first very special collection, the German company made three identical uniforms for Lisander just changing the colours. Some judged lack of originality. The German company has apologized saying it was ''standard'' and what was stipulated in the contract. The federation accepted the shirt and lasted until 2009. This uniform also won two IAFF Cups, 2006 and 2008.



The third place in IAFF Cup 2010 came with another set of uniforms from Adidas. Again, the team had his uniform treated with maximum detail by the supplier. The first choose brought stripes in two shades of green, and the second had pinstripes in light gray, and green shoulders. A graphic on the inside of the shirt appeared in the two jerseys.




The failed union of all National Sports Federations around the new National Sports Confederation (see 2014 hockey jersey above) brought together a new symbol for all sports. This symbol which was premiered at the IAFF 2014, when the team fell in the quarterfinals. The first shirt sleeves brings a darker, tone of green jersey, elusive for 2004. Second is white with a pattern of irregular stripes in light green.



2014 is the last year of this series. After that, Lisander wore four more uniforms.



The first title of UNAF International Cup came in 2016 came with a very green jersey indeed, without other details than simple horizontal stripes.




The team had two sets of uniforms. One, made by local brand NEO, was used in NationStates Olympics.



The other, made by Adidas, would be used primarily in IAFF Cup, which switched to odd years. The images of that are very bad, since Lisander refused to participate of the competition.


A mock-up of the second jersey appeared on the internet but was not confirmed.




Last but not least, the current 2018 UNAF International Cup jerseys. The event still not occurred, but the jerseys were already revealed. The pre-2014 crest is back. New additions are the star for 2016 UNAF International Cup and the shirt patch of the current champion. The home jersey (made in actual Condivo 18, as uniforms of 2018 FIFA World Cup) is based on 1990 Hummel jersey, with a Fleur-de-Lis pattern running along the chest. The second jersey is white, with the same pattern, but in three colours, appearing on the hem. The logo and the chest number feature in a gradient.



And it concludes the Association Football Uniforms. It is also a showcase of my evolution as an uniform designer. Some C+C is appreciated, especially on the last one I just finished. Tomorrow, or maybe the day after, the next National Team.

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On 7/26/2018 at 4:17 PM, hendocfc said:

The only thing I'm not a fan of is the gradient numbers on the "2018" away top. Other than that,immense.

No one but me liked. It was too much outside the box.

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American Football, or Football, as you prefer, comes next. There isn't that much stuff. I based Lisander uniforms in the uniforms of Washington State University, just to have good images in Nationstates posts. It will be one who will need a complete overhaul probably.















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I’m the football logo connect the top left of the L to the top of the flag emblem. That small patch of the L that sticks out is just wierd

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Baseball is a sport that I don't have that much idea. I originally thought it to be different, ditching the national colours in exchange for White and Black of Ermine Spots, an extra-official national symbol. Ermine Spots represent Stoats (in Portuguese, Arminhos), the national animal. The Ermine spot is the current cap badge.


First Baseball Jerseys.



Another tentative.



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Since we aren't in Baseball season, I felt the last one wouldn't be very criticized (these ones are very bland, I know.) Let's keep going. Basketball is the following. This concept is one-year-old but I hate how it feels completely outdated. after the new NBA jerseys appeared with a lot of creative juices overflowing...


B5BaopY.pngThe logo is a ripoff of a French Team Logo. No, I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not a logo maker and this is for a fantasy nation. I'm of course making no profits.


Being a fictional nation, I used a fictional apparel manufacturer to cover my incompetence of making a concept looking like 2009 FIBA Jerseys.



After I gather some C+C on the current concepts, probably in the first days of 2019, I'll start with the Basketball Superliga posts.

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Last but not least. And probably you'll hate this as this is a repost, but is the last time, I promise.


Basketball Superliga is the last of my big load of work. I posted this nearly one year ago, and I think maybe its time to update some jerseys. I'm not sure if turning to a simpler template, like the one I posted earlier or taking Hoopladawg87's way and developing an ultra-detailed template.


While I think (suggestions are welcome), let's have the old stuff reposted:



The League Logo



League Map


Northern Division Teams



BC Olympia Lerna



Isny Valliant



Academica Athletica Portia



Myrtilis Basketball Club



Associação Atlética Montecorvina



Orissa Basketball 1936



Sunion Basketball Club


Southern Division Teams


AS Virtus 1904



CA Oeste



Casterwill Roses (probably the most NBAish team in the League)



Libertas Basketball



Club Sparta



AC Kasandora



Azhaar BC


Also, 2017 Divisional Champions got courts designed. I want to develop courts for each team for the current season, 2018-19:



BC Olympia Lerna



Libertas Basketball


Lisander is a small nation, its geographic size is like Maine, so that explains only 14 teams.

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