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Major League Football is back and better than ever


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My fictional league I have had since I was kid was completed a few years ago for those that did not follow that thread. The old thread was locked so I decided to start a new one for some changes I made plus I put all the teams on a new template. The first couple will not have many changes but I have changed in some form the Rhinos, Barbarians, Riders, Racers, Mustangs, Blues, Marauders, Minnesota, Knights, Firebirds, Miners, Pioneers, Stallions, & Shockers. To start off here is the League & Conference Logos that are unchanged.


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Founded 1968
Based In Atlanta, Georgia
Home Field Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Head Coach Chuck Lynn
Offensive Coordinator Greg Pollack
Defensive Coordinator Clyde Hayes
General Manager Rick Thompson
Owner(s) Marvin Shumpert
Colors Blazers Red, Black, & Yellow
MLF Championships None


Overview: This team has a hard nosed coach in the former Dallas Marshals defensive coordinator but are still trying to find their way.  RB Rashaan Stewart is an elite runner & former Dallas QB Jake Miller is really solid but is 37 years old it may be time for 3rd year QB Dominic Reed to take the reigns. Defense suffered a big blow by losing LB Mario Rogers to Detroit via free agency. DE Tony Blalock still leads the defense with solid CB play by Lavar Greer.










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Founded 1948
Based In Baltimore, Maryland
Home Field M&T Stadium
Head Coach Rob Riley
Offensive Coordinator Paul McDaniels
Defensive Coordinator Anthony Bradford
General Manager Steve Smith
Owner(s) Lawrence Family Football LLC (managing partner J.J. Lawrence)
Colors Bomber Blue, Orange, & White
MLF Championships 3


Overview: Rob Riley has found himself in a complete rebuilding job after two years. Former coach Vic Roman had a falling out with ownership after wanting more control. RB Warren Davis is one of the only remaining fixtures but at 34 is not someone to build your offense around. Baltimore selected with the 5th pick of the draft QB Jared Stanton to build the franchise around which many consider to be the best class ever for QB's. A record seven QB's where taken in the first round. To sure up a weak offensive line the team signed free agent T Jamaal Harris from Pittsburgh & let aging veteran T Richmond Slavey go via free agency. DT Albert Young still leads the defense and CB Chris Wallace still holds down the secondary. Look for Baltimore to be revamping their defense next year with Young & Wallace in their final year.







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Founded 1913
Based In Foxboro, Massachusetts
Home Field Gillette Stadium
Head Coach Rick Kollar
Offensive Coordinator Joe Ferraro
Defensive Coordinator John Summers
General Manager Jeff Winston
Owner(s) John Winston
Colors Blue & White
MLF Championships 10


Overview: Former Carolina coach Rick Kollar has been to the playoffs the last year & won a division title but some fans are still claiming he must go. RB Greg Payton has really flourished the last few years in Kollar's conservative system. Former Cincinnati QB Kyle Ryan has had some good years being a game manager. It will be interesting to see how much former St. Louis head coach & offensive coordinator Joe Ferraro changes the offense. CB Donald Knight leads a solid defense which should be better with the addition of first round draft pick S Durwin Harrison.




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Founded 2000 moved to Buffalo 2017
Based In Buffalo, NY
Home Field New Era Field 
Head Coach Buddy Zimmer
Offensive Coordinator Wade Simon
Defensive Coordinator Greg Flaherty
General Manager Dave DeClerq
Owner(s) Buffalo Sports & Entertainment Group Inc (managing partner Jim McCaskin)
Colors Red & Silver
MLF Championships none


Overview: Buffalo lost in the MLF Championship game to end an amazing whirlwind year. The team was all set to move to Las Vegas and transfer of ownership had already begun to Robert Sheldon when he was indicted for Money Laundering after an FBI sting. The MLF had to change plans in hurry & since no ownership group came forward from Las Vegas the league turned unto Jim McCaskin the owner of the Major League Hockey franchise Buffalo Bisons who was in the running for buying the franchise initially. Buddy Zimmer the former head coach of Tampa Bay had been the head coach in 2016 and had started building pieces to change this franchises fortunes. QB Curt O'Hara was brought in from Tampa Bay & the defense led by DT Tank Adams & LB Keith Ponder was one of the best in the league. The team name was going to be changed but the city of Buffalo fell in love with this team so they look to be going forward with the name Rhinos.








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For the rhinos, did you use a reference picture? The angles of the horns seem tilted too far forward. Also, on the B secondary, it doesn't look like horns, more like wings or fire? I don't quite know. Perhaps a little highlighting would help? A dash of white?

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These are really awesome. Some C&C: 

Baltimore: I wonder what the B logo would look like on the helmet instead of the wings logo. I know you’d have to make a backwards-facing logo for the other side of the helmet but I think it might look better than the primary logo. Also, the big block of wings on the pants is a little too much—I think you could have made that a bit more subtle.

Atlanta and Boston: perfect!

Buffalo: As mentioned previously the horns are an awkward angle. Also the rhino’s head isn’t quite the right shape to me. If you take the horns off, it could easily be a dog logo. I think what I don’t like about the B logo is that the horns come out the back and not the front. When you think of a rhino charging toward you, you want those horns out front, not back.

This is some really nice stuff overall and you should definitely keep at it. 

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Thanks for the comments I like Baltimore as is & really have no desire to see any of those changes I really think that is a personal preference.... I used a reference for the Rhino but I made that logo 4-5 years ago now. I never really felt the horns were off looks pretty close to the picture below... I do not think it looks much like a dog... The B logo is probably not the best but I feel this would have been done in a hurry so I like it because thats what people would say in real life... I may explore looking at the B logo for sure.



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Founded 2000
Based In Charlotte, North Carolina
Home Field Bank of America Stadium
Head Coach Vic Roman
Offensive Coordinator Mark McNally
Defensive Coordinator Al Manusky
General Manager John Quinn
Owner(s) James Reinhardt
Colors Carolina Blue, Navy, & White
MLF Championships



Overview: The reigning MLF Champions are set to have a good run again this year. They return the most versatile QB in Donovan Jackson who is the reigning MVP. RB Darius Giles has became a pretty good threat. WR Steve Bruce is a big target with great hands. The defense is anchored by the best DT in Shawn Duckett. The team seems to be hitting their stride since Vic Roman has took over two years ago.







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Founded 1922
Based In Chicago, Illinois
Home Field Soldier Field
Head Coach Rob Rodriquez
Offensive Coordinator Curtis Drake
Defensive Coordinator Fred Horton
General Manager Reggie Clark
Owner(s) Micky Kendrick
Colors Red, Black, & Gray
MLF Championships 5


Overview: GM Reggie Clark & Rob Rodriquez have brought a lot of change to this organization since coming on board before the start of the 2017 season. The first step was drafting the QB Matthew Harrell with the number one pick last year. The second step was drafting S Terrel Reid with the 6th pick of this years draft to help solidify an improving defense with sack artist Jason Armstrong & S Damien Hixson. The backfield is loaded this year with RB's Derrick Dorsett, bruiser Shedrick Sharpe, & rookie speedster Khalil Mohammed from Georgia. The last change they made was to go to a more modern classic on their uniforms.







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I love Carolina! One thing though: you forgot the logo sheet! However, so far everything has been fantastic! Carolina is my favorite, and Buffalo is probably my least favorite. I just don't like how the red and gray go together.

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2 minutes ago, QueenCitySwarm said:

I love Carolina! One thing though: you forgot the logo sheet! However, so far everything has been fantastic! Carolina is my favorite, and Buffalo is probably my least favorite. I just don't like how the red and gray go together.

Sorry it is fixed now. I appreciate the kind words. Buffalo is not one of my favorites either maybe one day I will redesign it. Chicago was my least favorite before because of the uniform now I really like their identity overall with new design.

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Anyway, it's great to see the return of your Major League Football project. And it's off to a great start. Can't wait to see what else is new this time around.


Also, the Buffalo Rhinos (formerly Toronto Rhinos) could use a better alternate logo

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Founded 1978
Based In Cincinnati, Ohio
Home Field Fifth Third Bank Stadium
Head Coach Sherman Gray
Offensive Coordinator Mike McClain
Defensive Coordinator Ray Lynn
General Manager Brett Ballard
Owner(s) Joe Gore Jr.
Colors Royal Blue & Gold
MLF Championships none


Overview: Former Boston Admirals Coach Sherman Gray is rebuilding once again after building Boston to a playoff team but getting fired because he could not win in the playoffs. QB Chase Riley is looking to be a steal in the fourth round a few years ago. Draft day this year has brought a few starters with number one draft pick CB Anthony Alexander, 2nd round RB Leonard Mack, & third round LB Dorian Jefferson. 2nd year TE A.J. Ingram is looking like a star as well. 




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Loving the logos. For the most part, you've done a great job giving each team a distinct identity without sacrificing effort. However, the Buffalo and Carolina pant stripes are very similar, as are the secondary logos for Atlanta, Baltimore, and Buffalo.

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