Major League Football is back and better than ever

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35 minutes ago, coach4fu said:

Was Shockers the original name for the Seattle franchise?

I think they were originally the Seattle Thunderbolts

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It was the original name but for some reason changed it. I decided to change it back... I did not like Thunderbolts as the name...

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Founded 1994
Based In Tampa, Florida
Home Field Raymond James Stadium
Head Coach Ronnie Oliver
Offensive Coordinator Josh Olson
Defensive Coordinator Daryll Byrd
General Manager Brandon Brown
Owner(s) Alex Angelos
Colors Teal & Orange
MLF Championships none


Overview: Tampa Bay has went from one of the oldest teams to across the board to one of the youngest teams. The first step was hiring 40 year old defensive coordinator Ronnie Oliver to replace Buddy Zimmer. He brought 35 year Josh Olson in as offensive coordinator from their days in Memphis under legendary coach Don Brooks. The next step was drafting QB Jake Roth that same year then adding pieces ever since. 2nd year standout WR Jabrill Jones looks to be one of the best to come out in a long time. The final offensive piece was drafting RB De'Angelo Johnson this year in the second round. The defense also got big boost drafting DT Kalei Kekoa in the first round while LB's Derrick Perryman & Terrell Morrison lead the charge in the middle. CB's Chad Mixon & Anthony Webster are capable of making big plays as well.








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Founded 1940
Based In Washington, D.C.
Home Field FedEx Field
Head Coach Tom Shurtz
Offensive Coordinator Mike Haley
Defensive Coordinator Dan Bradley
General Manager Brian Light
Owner(s) John Henry Jones III
Colors Red, White, & Blue
MLF Championships 5


Overview: Washington has been a very steady team under Tom Shurtz but have never won the big game. They do have a feel good story in former Canadian Football Association QB Anthony Kovalev becoming the starter for them the last three years. He has been pretty productive as well throwing 35 TD's his first year starting but dropping off to 25 TD's last year. RB Jamaal Burris is still one of the best backs in the league at 29 years old. WR Jaraan Williams is always in the top 10 in catches. The defense is under first year coordinator Dan Bradley who has rose through the coaching ranks after his retirement just five seasons ago. The defense has some talent with DT Montae Hayward & LB Ty Payton & one of the best SS in Trumaine Tillman.





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Well that wraps up this update! hope you have enjoyed it I did not expect it to take this long but life happens! I would love to hear from everyone either through likes or by posting their favorites & their not so favorite ones. 

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4 hours ago, Tyrano123 said:

Always enjoyed the look of Tampa Bay. You have any plans on doing a minor league concepts for the MLF?

@hugevolsfan already did an MLF minor league project. It's called the MLF Spring League.

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Are you still gonna do an Arena League Football or are you doing another sport.

Edited by football12

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