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College athletics identity changes


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Well it’s that time of year, seems like it’s been a quiet offseason with only a verry few I can think of:


william & mary



feel free to post other updates or announcements of dates of new identity’s 


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Well, we're not quite a month into the 2018-2019 year and Division I schools don't rebrand much due to most of them having established brands.  However here's a list of schools that have updated or refreshed in the year 2018:

Georgia Tech - April 2018:  Reduced the colors to 2, new wordmark
ULM (Louisiana Monroe) - April 2018:  New ULM Warhawk logo, updated head logo, new gold
Oklahoma - April 2018:  Refreshed OU logo, new font
Purdue Fort Wayne - June 2018:  Formerly IPFW, new name & logos due to split between Indiana U. & Purdue U.
Stetson - May 2018:  New brand

Those are the major ones so far.  We should be seeing more rebrands in August right before classes & the football season start.

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1 minute ago, sc49erfan15 said:

There were rumors that UNCG was going to get a new logo set. I briefly saw mockups of it, but it hasn't happened yet... and with school starting in ~2 weeks, I guess it's not going to happen?

I don't have a source but I've seen August 7th.

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4 minutes ago, sc49erfan15 said:


Huh. I guess we'll see then?


Seems odd to do it so late in the summer... or maybe it's a good move to do it as everyone is coming back to campus?

I think it's best to do it right before classes start.  I'm sure the population of people on campus is highest during that week with family members moving their kids into the dorms.  Foot traffic in the campus bookstore & other stores is always huge with everyone buying new books & merch.  Release an exciting new logo and the apparel & novelties will fly off the shelves.  Can't speak for UNLV on that one.  Add on the fact that the new sport seasons are starting (football, volleyball, cross country, etc.) the school can update some of their uniforms over the summer rather than mid-season.

There's plenty of schools have shown off their new logos in June & July but there's no games going on other than baseball/softball and very few people are on campus.  The buzz can wear off quickly.  That's my thought on that.

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51 minutes ago, Earl said:

UW-Green Bay updated their brand on July 25th.  Shown below is the new GB logo.  Per article the phoenix logo will still be used.



The Phoenix logo is something they have to be careful with, lest it look like a tramp stamp.


As for the new primary...meh. They were already overusing black so I guess adding it to the logo just lends an official feel to it. Wish so many NCAA schools that use green and purple didn't feel the need to shoehorn black in to such an intrusive extent, but that's athletics aesthetics for you these days.



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13 minutes ago, Earl said:

UNC Greensboro unveils brand new Spartan:  http://www.uncgspartans.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=32200&ATCLID=211767250





The new logo makes the spartan head much more recognizable from a quick glance - the 3/4 view of the old logo looked a bit like a blob. Still, I generally dislike logo-above-name combination marks, because they look minor-league. And I can't shake the feeling that the logo would have been better if they dropped the person (the eye/neck/shoulders) and just used the helmet.

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Just noticing the Purdue Fort Wayne logo...




According to P-FW...this logo continually came out as the top choice among focus groups. That Blue looks....really forced...with it just being a single stroke on the Mastadon. Not really digging the way the shade works with the Purdue black & gold. *cringe*

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