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Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks Alternate Redesign


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The Ducks' new alternate jersey isn't awful, in fact I'm in the apparent minority that likes the jersey. However, it does have some weaker points to it that I'll address here.




The main issue with the current alternate is the shoulder yokes. They have good intentions, but they feel forced and make the jersey too cluttered. Step number one was to remove those. Step two was then to add in more of the eggplant color. Sure both jade and eggplant were unique colors, but the eggplant is one that not only works well with the black base, but it just screams "Mighty Ducks!" The numbers and lettering were taken from the original Mighty Ducks jerseys this uniform is based on, and the only hints of the team's current identity are in the orange in the collar and the 25th Anniversary logo on the shoulder.


And that's that! What do you think?


(Also I'm really proud of the presentation on this one, especially the tagline. Looks real professional and makes me happy.)

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