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The Jets USA Today blog had an offer for fans to design their ideas for what the Jets will/should do when they get new uniforms next season. This was my entry.


The new Primary logo brings back a modified version of the 80s futuristic jet logo but places it in the oval that's been part of the Jets identity from jumpstreet. Double Green was a happy accident when I was trying to incorporate the Titans gold I selected the wrong oval from a previous layer and it showed a Kelly outline instead of Gold. The decision to use a Kelly Outline with Hunter interior rather than the reverse came from the Color Rush jerseys as a lighter outline seemed to give a sort of shine to me.



The main inspiration from the color choices in the striping came from the Jets color rush which is one of the best in the league in my opinion. While the green pants are shown with the home greens, that would be a rarity to with but the road whites could pair with the whites or greens.

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Oh wow yes! I’ve low key been in love with double green for the jets since i stumbled upon this concept a few years back:



For your concept: I like the striping and everything but I think the hunter green is a little too dark to the point of looking black.


Also the plane in your logo looks more like a location pin in a maps app than an actual plane silhouette.


other than that I like to see the originallity - especially if it resulted from a happy accident (just like my step daughter).

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