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New York Jets 2019 Concept

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With the announcement that the Jets will be wearing new uniforms next year I thought it topical to have a go at a concept.  Any C&C will be well received as always.


New York Jets



  • The iconic Jets logo has been sharpened and made to look more like the silhouette a football and less like an actual egg.  The 'Jets' script remains.

Home and Road

  • The helmet is based on the '78 - '89 helmet.
  • The uniforms again are based on every iteration of Jets uniform.
    • The Kelly Green from '63 - '97
    • With the sleeves I wanted to combine the current sleeves with the striping from the '78 - '97 jerseys.
    • The stripes on the pants and socks aim to create a balance across the uniform.
    • The Road uniform's combination of white/green/white is based on the '90 - '96 road uniform.

Color Rush

  • The Color Rush uniform replaces the white face mask, white sleeves and white stripes on the pants with Hunter Green (Jets current green).
  • This is the only time the Jets will wear the green/green/green combination.


  • Due the NFL rule on one helmet the throwback could only be the '78 - '89 or the '90 - '97 uniforms.  The '90 - '97 uniforms have totally unnecessary highlights of black in them so I settled for the '78 - '89 uniforms. 


I hope you all enjoy.




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