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Champions Cup: The Forgotten Champions of Europe (Group B Added 04/09)


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Hi Everybody, 


After much consideration I've decided to open up a topic dedicated to the defunct or forgotten champions of Europe. Most entries will be of clubs that are no longer active but where once prominent clubs in their home country. I will also include some still existing clubs but they have to play in the lower divisions of their respective country.


All entries will have revamped crests and kits but also a bit of history, mostly who they where and what happend to the club. The entries will be presented in a group of 4 teams, just like our modern Champions League so because of that updates will be slower, but once the series kicks off there will be a good amount of teams from the very start. I will also still update my Belgian Defunct Clubs series.












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Yes, Sir!!! Absolutely amazing post.


If I can suggest a team I'll go for Atletico Tetuan (used to play in La Liga when Tetuan was a Spanish city in the protectorate of Morocco) and in this scenario would be still playing as a Spanish team!

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18 hours ago, _OCallaghan_ said:

Yes, Sir!!! Absolutely amazing post.


If I can suggest a team I'll go for Atletico Tetuan (used to play in La Liga when Tetuan was a Spanish city in the protectorate of Morocco) and in this scenario would be still playing as a Spanish team!


That's actually a great idea, because I've been struggling to find some Spanish teams to work with, thanks! 

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Here is the first post to kicks things off!





Status: Defunct since 1906

League Titles: 0x

Runners Up: 1x


Founded in 1894, this was the fourth football club to come out of Turin and played in amber and black stripes. The Ambraneri participated in Italy's first football championship and where a very successful club during this period, reaching the semi-final twice and finishing runner-up once. Although the club never became champions in their own right, successor club Torino went on to win several titles. 







Status: Defunct since 1946

League Titles: 3x

Runners Up: 2x



Founded in 1896, VfB was part of the original 86 clubs that formed the German Football Association in 1900, which coincidentally took place in Leipzig. They didn't have to wait long for their first succes since they where crowned as the first Champions of Germany. Between 1903 and 1914, VfB added two more titles to their tally and reached an other two finals. In the period leading up to the second World War, the club was unable to replicate their earlier succes. They did however managed to capture the Tschammerpokal, known today as the DFB-Pokal in 1937. After the war, the club was dissolved, but several members did go on to form Lokomotive Leipzig, one of the top sides in the DDR. 








Status: Active in the Liga III (Third Tier)

League Titles: 2x

Runners Up: 1x


Founded in 1911, Polonia is the oldest sports club in Warsaw and has clubs active in Football, Athletics, Basketball and Swimming. Polonia played it's first match on the 19th of november 1911 against local side Korona, which they lost 3-4. The first Warsaw derby against fierce rivals Legia was held in 1917 ending in a 1-1 draw. In the ruins of the Polish capital, the Blackshirts won their their first ever title in 1946. In 1952 they managed to win the Polish Cup. During this time the club's name was changed to Kolejarz (Railroad worker) as the team was now tied to the Polish National Railways. It is in this period that Polonia slipped to the lower leagues only to re-emerge in 1992. Now back in the top flight the team re-established itself and won a second Polish title in 2000 and a Polish cup the next years. Everything looked up for Polonia but ownership issues and financial woes led to the Club declaring bankruptcy in 2013. 






Status: Defunct since 1945

League Titles: 5x

Runners Up: 2x


When Croatia was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Gradanski was founded in 1911 as a response to the rumors that a Croatian club could participate in the Hungarian Football League. While they mainly played friendlies during the early years, the club really came to it's own with the inception of the Yugoslav Football League in 1923. During this time, The Citizens became the most popular club in Zagreb and manged to win 5 league titles. After the second world war the club was disbanded and many of the playes went on to play for newly established side Dinamo Zagreb, which later adopted Gradanski Colours and  Nickname and later even it's crest.  




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1. Racing Club de France

Status: Active in National 3 (Fifth Tier)

League Titles: 1x

Runners Up: 2x


Racing was founded in 1882 as a multisport organization in Paris, France. It was one of the founding members of Ligue 1 and is one of the oldest football clubs in France.  It won 1 domestic title and finished second twice. While in the top flight until the 1960's, the club slid down to the second division. In 1982, a plan was hatched by a wealthy industrial to create a second big team for the Capital. Racing merged with Paris FC and became Racing Paris 1. In 1984, the club moved to the top flight after a lengthy absence. After parting with Paris FC, the club took on it's original name again. Racing had a few season in Ligue 1, before financial woes made them request relegation to the third tier. While climbing the ranks again Racing almost found itself back in the second tier by 2004 and a resurrection seemed plausible, but continued mismanagement cut the dream short and Racing was relegated to the fourth tier. A season later saw them play in the National 3, France's third tier of amateur football, and the fifth tier on the national football pyramid.





2. Preston North End

Status: Active in The Championship (Second Tier)

League Titles: 2x

Runners Up: 6x


Founded in 1880, Preston was one of the founding members of the football league and where during the beginning of the professional game in England one of the first top sides. It won the league during it's inaugural year, becoming the first champions of England and by extension the first of it's kind in the world. During that season it also won the F.A Cup. Being the first club who did the double, it won the latter without conceding a single goal and where the original Invincibles long before Arsenal claimed that title. After that period the Lilywhites did not have any more succes until 1937 when the club won it's second F.A Cup. Until the 1960's the club was a regular in the top flight but began slipping down the pyramid ever since. It has spend 19 of the 47 seasons since 1970 in the bottom two divisions of English Football and was on the verge of folding due to financial mismanagement. Since 2015, the team established itself as regular in the EFL Championship. 





3. R.A.P Amsterdam

Status: Defunct since 1914

League Titles: 5x

Runners Up: 3x


R.A.P was founded in 1887, as members from three Amsterdam cricket clubs, RUN, Amstel, Progress formed a new football club R.A.P. They where the first team to win the Dutch Championships during the amateur era and during this time assumed their dominance by winning the title 4 more times and it won the domestic cup once. Just before the start of WWI, R.A.P found itself in dire straits and merged with fellow Amsterdammers Volharding and became VRC. After a few seasons this club abandoned football all together and focused on Cricket.  





4. Kjøbenhavns Boldklub

Status: Active in Københavnsserien (Fifth Tier)

League Titles: 15x

Runners Up: 13x


KB is one of the oldest football clubs on the continent, with roots dating back to 1876, when the sport was first played. They are still to this day the record title winners in Denmark with 15 won. In 1991 KB and B 1903 merged their professional football teams and became FC Copenhagen, Who have become a top club in their own right. With 12 titles they are set to overtake KB's old record. 









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  • Xibalba changed the title to Champions Cup: The Forgotten Champions of Europe (Group B Added 04/09)

You did a really good job updating Preston's crest, only issue is that the front leg looks severed... Those jerseys are a bit plain but look nice. I'd try to incorporate a bit of yellow.


Torinense's bull is really well done, and the castle wall looks good, I'd just extend it across the entire top of the shield. I really like the colors of the away there.


KB's Castle is awesome! That could be a solid crest on its own!


I like Gradanksi's jerseys quite a bit. The logo is a tad busy but works well enough. Do the 6-pointed stars have any back story?


I'm not a big fan of Leipzig's crest (that tall F...) and I wish you would've done something new with it, but it definitely cleans up the original.


Solid work, good topic idea!

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