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AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League Hockey Changes


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Wow.  Sad uniform day in Junior A hockey.  Big thumbs down to the Estevan Bruins, Yorkton Terriers and Calgary Canucks.  All those teams have a history of having some pretty good uniforms.  These are unbelievably not good.  Though I was not expecting anything good from the Calgary Canucks after seeing the logo and colour change earlier.

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On 9/13/2019 at 1:46 PM, Dante_X said:

white Chicoutimi Saguenéens jersey:




-Ugly collars

-Ugly Edge piping

-Different shade of light blue in the logo and striping

-Different width of the bottom stripes where navy is way thicker while the sleeves still feature equal width ones


These are a mess. They should just go back to pre-Edge jerseys like a lot of other CHL teams have been doing...




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The Battlefords North Stars unveiled their new home jerseys.



(Fun fact, there's actually not a Montana's in North Battleford. When I was there the parent company had plans for opening one but it never went anywhere, so maybe that changed.)


Last year's alternate turned away jersey in the playoffs is back as the away jersey.



And they're unveiling a third jersey in early October, so they're potentially pulling a Hurricanes by having three jerseys that are all different.

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Yeah someone posted the pic of the jersey in the store a page back or so and the removal of the phantom yoke, trim and armpit colour (this on both jerseys) is new this year with the new templates. So that's definitely an improvement, but they still have the bad, and poorly coloured balanced, number font though.


Also, online the Hitmen season ticket package says it comes with a "Commemorative 25th Anniversary Jersey" so it could be assumed there's supposed to be an alternate jersey, because they did this for the 20th anniversary too, but there has been no information at all about it. My family has season tickets and I asked my dad about it over the weekend and he said they have the tickets but haven't even gotten any information on how to get this jersey.


The home opener, and next game, is Friday so we could get some information about it during the week but there's been no mention of it besides with the season ticket information.

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Not a fan of the socks at all and they slant the opposite way the jersey stripe slants.


The mask logo is sublimated on the silver of the socks and jersey stripes but doesn't appear to be on the shoulders.


They almost had a better silver(grey)/25th anniversary jersey for their 10th anniversary.



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