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AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League Hockey Changes


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20 hours ago, king_mahalo said:

seems like a ridiculous argument. How many teams out there are called the Wildcats, or the Bears, or Bulldogs, or Tigers? Nobody will be confusing an OHL team in Flint with an AHL team in Palm Springs, CA. 


At the risk of beating a dead horse...it kinda makes me wonder what Vegas could have accomplished if they actually talked with the London Knights. That being said, I do appreciate the Henderson Silver Knights brand and how it helps to grow the overall Knights brand.


Meanwhile...it seems like Seattle was pretty adamant about using the Firebirds name. I know it's been shot down whenever it's been brought up, but could this be a sign that Seattle wants to adopt the Thunderbirds name? In addition to the historical significance of the name, it would be a clever tie-in to the Seahawks (another bird) and the Supersonics (the USAF Thunderbirds were the world's first supersonic demonstration team). 

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The Prince Albert Raiders unveiled their 50th anniversary logo.




The Raiders started as a Jr. A team in 1971 and moved up to the WHL as an "expansion" team in 1982.


The green star represents their Memorial Cup championship, the gold stars represent their two WHL championships and the white stars represent their four national championships from their Jr. A days.

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16 hours ago, Dilbert said:

ECHL Kansas City Mavericks change up their look


Why they didn't match the letter treatment seen in Mavericks is baffling. It looks good there, but not as good in the KC

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When I saw they dropped the light blue, I kinda figured we were in store for something more along the lines of the Flyers' use of orange, black and white, but whoa, they really leaned into that grey didn't they? And all that piping... yikes.

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NAHL Kansas City Scouts release logo and uniforms

June 23, 2020 - 18:20 PM

The Kansas City Scouts of the North American Hockey League have revealed their official logo and uniforms. The team had announced on May 11, 2020, that it was relocating from Topeka, Kansas, to Kansas City and changing its name. The […]


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17 hours ago, nash61 said:

The Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (Jr. B ) unveiled their new logo today.







I think I've made it as a graphic designer when a logo I've designed pops up on the SportsLogos forum, and I didn't post it. 


Ushering in a new era for the GOJHL! 

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