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Saintsfans newest challenge!


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Very straightforward style saintsfan challenge this time.

the idea, for any newbies, is basically, what would a new team look like if they had started playing in a different era. You should produce a home and away uniform for the era selected.

temp guy (still looking for a new name for himm!!)- Hey master, can I fiddle with the switches for you!

Saintsfan- Sure thing, snivrelling assistant rarely gets it right anyway!

temp guy- cool!!

Saintsfan- so lets look at the reading- ok so this week the team is Nashville Predators as if they were playing in the 1950s

I shall post a deadline as soon as I see what type of take up we havew for the contest!

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oooh, sounds fun! I dont wanna read anymore about the Witch Trials for english at the moment (stupid AP) so looks like i have a sunday afternoon project!


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Alright, nothing great but here it is. After doing it I realized how much it looks like all ya'alls, but oh well.

Basically I made a simple logo, Tenn. with a star (about where Nashville is) and 'N' meaning Nashville.

The other uniform just says NP.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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