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2004 NCAA logo changes?


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New identities that I know of this year not mentioned yet in this thread:

High Point Panthers

Troy State Trojans (Just Troy now, i think)

South Dakota Coyotes

Stony Brook Seawolves (tweaked identity)

Florida Atlantic Owls

George Mason Patriots (now Mason)

Bowling Green Falcons

Lafayette Leopards

Santa Clara Broncos

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the new BGSU logo is not their primary. they are still using the original, simple falcon head as their logo.

you actually dont see that new logo anywhere on the athletics site for that matter. not yet, anyway.

Sorry, what I meant was these are the schools that have made changes to their identity package, in part or whole. Not necessarily to their primary logo. They have not all been officially launched, but I have either seen articles that they were being done or seen the logos on the web.

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Rickabaugh Graphics is currently working on a new secondary bear logo to compliment the primary interlocking "BU" for Baylor.

Glad to see Rickabaugh at it. I wasn't that enthused about the latest Baylor updates from about 5 years ago. The "B" bearpaw is great, but the humping bear and furry BU seemed too playful or minor league for a college identity. Eric will do a good job if the school lets him.

Darn it that I have a great bear logo that interlocks well with letters. I guess he'll figure it out.

We've seen many of those changes listed, but looking forward to seeing more of them.

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