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Best Philly Logo?


Which Philadelphia Sports Team has the best logo?  

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While the Flyers logo is definately not the most creative or artistically brilliant piece of work ever created for a team, I think that it has become one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of a team in American sports. It is simple to reproduce, little kids can draw it, and even though it's tough to tell that it really is a "P", you still know that it is the Flyers and can't be confused for any other team. The Eagles logo may be one of the better "new school" logos out there, but how many other "Eagle" or other bird-named teams have similiar logos now, and is it really "instant" recognition? Maybe pretty close, but not the same. Also, in 10 years, the Eagles logo (and possibly other similiarly designed logos) could be outdated or in need of an upgrade, while the Flyers logo (much like a traditional blue blazer) will always be in style.


That being said, "F" Bobby Clarke.

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Gotta be the Flyers' logo. Unchanged in team history. Simple, effective, and classic. One of the most easily recoginzable franchises in pro sports.

I love the Birds' logo too but as someone pointed out, it's a bit trendy and will probably be out of style in the future unfortunately. I need to get this off my chest though:

E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES! :woot:

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The original 76ers logo was far better than the current one. The 13 stars in a circle above the "7" ... the whole thing in classic American red-white-and-blue. Even without a city name in it, it screamed "Philadelphia".

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