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ABAsite's Contest #1


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I'm not sure whether this will fly with you guys, but I'm throwin' it out here...


The Continental Football League existed from 1965-1969. With the throwback craze(new ABA,WHA) going on, a group of investors have decided to bring the league back. You challenge is to design the best set for the CoFL teams.

You should include

Primary Logo

Home, Away, and Alt. Uniforms

Alt. Logo and Script or optional.

You can find examples of original logos @ http://logoserver.com/CoFL.html, or www.classicsportslogos.com.

Due date is Septermber 8th(3 weeks) if many are interested, I'll extend it.Good luck to all entrants :notworthy: , hope I'm not infringing on others contests.

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here is my entry...the Indianapolis Caps EDIT: Added Helmet


Indianapolis Caps Logo


Indianapolis Caps Home Jersey


Indianapolis Caps Away Jersey


Indianapolis Caps Alternate Jersey


Indianapolis Caps Helmet

C&C welcome. Thanks everyone.

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Those look great zone! If I can offer my constructive criticism, I might change the number font, it looks kinda weird. Besides that, these are my favorite ones of yours that I've seen!!!! :notworthy:

And BTW guys, if you don't want to, you don't have to use original colors, just name, and city.

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