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New Brownie the Elf


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altered clothing, rounded the head, lost the beard, added elf hair, crown, made a football carrying/stiffarm limb position, angry face expression. color scheme is combination of original logo colors and browns colors. football is the current browns primary.

check it out in the 'retro logo contest.'


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in reply to eddie010, i drew this so he does NOT resemble the leprechaun in very many ways, including demeanor and nationality. this is BROWNIE, the ELF. he was the cleveland browns logo in the 40s and 50s.

FTR, he is limp wristed because hes definitely in the style of that original leprechaun and good ol' brownie. i didnt see fit to stray very much from that style. and his name is brownie after all. i dont think hes supposed to be that tough. hey ya know what, ill just show both of them to you.



now combine them, and you get what i made.

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