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Best logo in Florida


Which logo is the best in Florida  

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gotta go with the buccaneers, unique color scheme, nice unis, unique wordmark. with the runner up being the Jaguars, love the look, except the new 'wanna be saints look' is killin me, then the Dolphins for tradition and a nice, strong look.

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I voted for the Bucs, b/c I like the flag-on-the-sword logo and colouring, and b/c I think Florida's logos are overall quite poor.

That's not to say they're horrible, but it seems most of them have this weird early-90s thing going on with them. I guess it helps that most of these teams came to being in the early 90s, but they for some reason remind me of Vanilla Ice. Take that as you may... :blink:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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