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Nfl alts


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ok, i think this is a complete list of the teams who have used alternate looks in this chaotic, but fun, new NFL trend. tell me if i'm missing any.

NFC East

Eagles- wore all green

Redskins- the whole season was kinda an alternate, but people do forget they have worn 3 jerseys this year. they wore the old home jerseys in the first game this year.

Cowboys- Double star jerseys on thanksgiving

NFC South

Panthers- wore electric blues

Bucs- may have messed with jersey/pants combination

Saints- wore throwbacks and alts. maybe the first team ever to wear 4 different jerseys

NFC North

Lions- wore throwbacks on thanksgiving

Bears- went all blue

NFC West

Niners- wore throwbacks

Seahawks- have used several different jersey/pants combos

Cardinals- went all white

AFC East

Patriots- throwbacks on thanksgiving

Bills- have used a couple different jersey pants combos

Jets- went all green

Dolphins- went all aqua

AFC South

Titans- wore all white once or twice, may have worn all blue. also i believe they made a baby blue alt jersey, but i have yet to see it on the field

Jaguars- black pants a couple times, and went all black

AFC North

Browns- Orange jerseys

AFC West

Broncos- orange jerseys

Chargers- powder blues complete w/ throwback helmets

i think this it it. allthough i'm sure one or two teams will be added to the list in the next two weeks

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You mention that the Saints may be the first team to wear four jerseys in a season.  I can name a team that wore four different jerseys and maybe five - the 1994 Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys had their normal home whites, their 1960 throwbacks, white "double-star" and blue "double-star".  What I can't remember is if they ever wore their road blues in 1994.  I know late in the season, they would wear the blue "double-stars" in place of the regular roads, but I don't know if they ever wore blue early in the season.  Any team that had two throwbacks in 1994, like the 49ers, would also have possibly worn four different jerseys that season.
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Hi StL Fanatic. Actually, I was being only a little snotty, and was trying to make a point: I think it's supposed to be gray. In my dictionaries, pewter is defined as either bluish-gray or silvery gray, and most pewter I've seen I would describe as a dull silvery gray. I have two problems with the Bucs' pewter: (1) it ain't pewter, not in my world anyway; and (2) you can call that color Gladys Koslowski for all I care, it's still hideous, especially with that red. Tony Dungy used to wear a gray Bucs sideline-gear pullover that looked like the right color to me.

But remember: I am a mew-tant. For all I know, the entire content of my brain could be wrong.



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